Monday, November 5, 2012

The Desert is Warming Up For the Races...

... and warmed me up a bit too!

'Twas a soft sunrise our first morning back at the track. That's about the only time PIR (Phoenix International Raceway) might have a Soft feel to it.

*Sunrise over Phoenix International Raceway*

 The rest of the time it's Roaring engines... Hootin' fans and go go go...

This morning the Fans, some of who've been partying for a week or so in the parking lot... ??? THAT I don't truly get ;) are firing up Their engines to race to the best unreserved camping spots around the track for the week of NASCAR!

*Fans Staged to enter at Phoenix International Raceway*

We weren't quite ready for the Warm in Phoenix. Dropping down out of the Prescott area yesterday watching the thermometer climb up toward 90 stirred a few memories of one of the reasons I abandoned this country!

When it hit 120 the summer we bailed juuuuuuust about a Quarter of a Century ago! I was done! Tee Total broiled and baked. A couple of heat prostrations and one nigh un to Heat Stroke and even a learning disabled biker cowboy gains enough sense to go where they don't use the sidewalks for cooking utensils!

Geeze... a Quarter of a CENTURY...  Sounds longer when you say it that way don't it? 25 years sounds like nothin'... that other way... makes me feel historical! ;)

We'll be work work workin' makin' our workamping/RV Boondocking income/supplemental "beans and bacon" dinero...  till next Sunday night... then... we haven't decided yet...

Heidi wants to get back out to Quartzsite to do some rock grinding at the Lapidary Club... and I've got a tall stack of chores to find a way to do... with the perennial Short stack of dollars ;) ... so I don't expect to be gaining any weight over the "soft" desert winter.

The only thing that might could change that schedule is the weather. If it's gonna be liver cookin' hot out there... I may just turn my radiator back NE a short ways and retreat back a bit higher up around Roosevelt lake, to give it a few more weeks to cool down!

Sometimes I feel like those NASCAR boys... just driving around in great big circles! ;)

Are you Ready for Some NASCAR?

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