Friday, October 19, 2012

Old Folks Playin' in the Sand

Just an hour SE of Zion is Coral Pink Sand Dunes State park.

With Betty here we took advantage of her car ;) and made a quick run down there for to check it out. In our truck it gets a bit more expensive...

... Being a dually with the wide flatbed we have to pay to go through the Mt. Carmel Tunnel out of Zion... Her lil' Subaru rolls through without all the hassles...

Not sure why they call it Coral Pink... I looked real close at that sand... and where I come from they call it ~ Brown ~  :)

*Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park*

First thing we tried was the Sand Surfing... We'd been told they do it with cardboard... uh huh... I had some of the vinyl left over from repairing the shower floor so I whipped up a pair of sand sleds...

So... Throw it down... Jump on... Grab the ropes and away!...HI Yo slippery slopes...

and ... away we go???



It's supposed to slide down the steep slope on the fine sand...

Hmmmm... What could be wrong???

I Know!!!

What we need is a push start to get 'er movin'!

Hmmmmm... all that seems to do is create a sand plow! I think the common term for the effort is; FAIL! :)

Ha Ha... well... I'm not so sure that Sand Sledding is a profitable enterprise to invest in.

Maybe... we'll just go walk around and take pictures! :)

We walked out and clumb (that's for all the Tennessee and Kentucky Mountain folks) the biggest dune... and captured some pics.

With that task completed... Heidi and Betty determined that running down the dune would be fun... So I positioned myself to capture a sandy face plant... ANOTHER FAIL! ;) ... Darn! THAT would have been an Epic pic! :)

*Heidi and Betty Jumping off on their Coral Pink State Park Run Off*

*Heidi may have won by a toe nail*

If you're a sand buggy fan, or ATV/Dirt Bike I expect you could have a few days of fun around here...

*Dirt Bike in Coral Pink State Park Utah*

Now... if you're young lovers... apparently this is some sort of romantic place to go to do your posin' for each other too... :)

Not a bad camera for a voyeur huh? I took those two pics from several hundred yards away with my new Nikon P510 and hand held too!... I'm coming to really like this new camera. No loose lenses to have to screw around with and with 1000mm  equivalent / 42X zoom... Hooya!

For my purposes, all that and being light and pretty compact, this Nikon P510 just might prove out to be the perfect Travel Camera. Won't work well if you're wanting to make posters (photo "Noise" at extreme enlargement)...(and neither will any other compact) but for my online work and filling electronic picture frames (where that noise is un-seeable)  it's tee total Ideal so far! Thank You NIKON! :)

... and Walmart for the swingin' deal I got!  :)

OK... now back to regular scheduled blogging...

There is a campground in the park... and for cheapskates like me.., just back to the west, as you approach the park is an area of BLM land where you can do your RV Boondocking in the high desert sage with a nice view of some high and rocky ridges farther west...

One word of caution... this is a sandy area. Get out and walk the area you intend to drive BEFORE you drive on it... Getting stuck is easy. There was a good sized Motorhome buried in the ATV camping area as we passed!

Soft on the throttle people... all that power won't get you through sand... it's a soft touch on the throttle to do that. Get "Sudden" and you get "Buried"!

That, and, if it rains? Just stay put until  the ground firms back up. Try to pull out in the mud and you'll not only tear things to hell, you'll bury yourself up to where the tow bill will discourage your adventurin' in the future!

Coral Pink Sand Dunes State park wouldn't be a bad "stopping off" camp for a day or two on your way to Zion or on your way back after leaving.

*Atop the highest Coral Pink State Park Dune*

What an excellent week we've had here in this Zion Country! I could do with a few more of these in a row!

Gonna go out now and put a mile or three on the Raider


Donna B. McNicol said...

We boondocked in that BLM area and loved it. We did get stuck when Stu went thrust the middle rather than keeping to the edges but fortunately folks already there ATVing helped us They also warned us to never stay there with a bad rain coming, turns into a mud pit. But we would go back for sure.

Gaelyn said...

Fun place to play. I really enjoyed the visitor center display of sand from around the world. Comes in so many colors.

Don said...

It's sad how much you were hoping for a face-plant photo when the ladies ran down that dune! Bad Brian! LOL But you could have wone $10K on America's Funniest Home Videos.

Brian said...

Donna; it gets muddy, cuz that's a dry lake bed! ;)

Gaelyn; didn't make the visitor center... Bad tourists! ;)

Don; :) Muhahahaha