Wednesday, September 12, 2012

With a Foot in Two Worlds...

RV and Motorcycle... Truth is... maybe even three... I'm pretty much a split personality... Much of the time I work at keeping #3...  the uh ... political critic chained up... Since the world and the greatest majority of the people in it pretty much refuse to learn from their history... spending any time stewing about it is an exercise in frustration construction... and me being pathologically stubborn ... lettin' that student of soh-sigh-uh-tal history critic get unchained is NOT a trail to peace and tranquility.

So... with his chains snugly welded... A few details gotta get locked down before I can ride out for a solo motorcycle camping circle.

Got the bike serviced up yesterday... that's always a bit of an ordeal. Modern Motorcycles are built kinda like the new cars. Wires and tubes all tangled together and stuffed into a confined space with the most frequently accessed parts... ALWAYS... on the bottom; in ways that only make sense to disgruntled MIT graduates who are bent out of shape cuz they got passed over for that nuclear submarine interior decorator position...

Likely get set back a lil' today. I've got some chores that need to be done before I ride but they all involve working and moving a lot of stuff around... outside ... which is kinda tough to do when it's raining. Boo Hoo... Wouldn't hurt me real bad... but getting electrical parts wet is not the best way to achieve a calm and serene spirit.

So I'll try and lock up the jobs today that can be done without rain interfering... and hope for sun tomorrow to button up the rest of my preps.

Once I roll I'll be posting on Ribbon of Highway... That's likely to happen Friday or Saturday.

Just another day in paradise...

I'm off to my chores

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Cindy K. said...

You'll feel better soon. Enjoy your life and the world out there. Hope you find good times always. By the way, sometimes I think you blame Murphy when MAYBE its the dang GREMLINS are the culprits!