Thursday, September 13, 2012

Under Construction...

Trip... stumble... THUMP! ... ouuuuuuuch.

Yeah... Payin' poor attention, I backed into the hole I try to warn ever'body else about... just another futile attempt at tryin' to ward off the encroaching hoard of gimme bugs.

In spite of my counsel to others that; when confronted by a welfare/entitlement soh-sigh-uh-tee... it's best... just like when confronted by death... to just walk off from it, I picked my foot up, and stupidly stepped right square into the center of the cow pie.

Trying to communicate with the bus drivers for that crowd is like trying to ride a bronc cross country without a saddle; It rubs sores on a man's soul.

I feel like the deer that's accused of selfishness for pulling his leg away from the wolf that's chewin' on it... "If you were a good deer you'd want to contribute to soh-sigh-uh-tee... so quit kickin'... and hand me that other leg."

Like a corral full of horses, ever' once in a while you gotta scrape out all the crap that's accumulated. If a fella wants to breathe fresh air he ain't gonna get it sittin' on top of a cesspool.

Looking toward the horizon I can see a lot of torn up trails and toll roads ahead. There's always a way around such obstacles. Roadblockers just ain't bright enough to cover all the trails. That and they mostly ain't got the guts to ride the rough country. A guy just has to take a care for his tires and the fuel in the tank.

I'll be spending the next few weeks cleaning out my packs and jettisoning those thoughts and ideas that just don't help a man these days. Moldy gear has a way of spreading the contamination to good gear so I'll watch for signs of rot and cut it out. While I'm scrubbin' and cleaning I'll look for the places the rats can get in to chew on my goods and seal up those holes as best I can to protect what's left from those vermin...

Maybe I'll keep a nice sized piece of hickory close to hand. I hear the noise of a rat workin'; and WHACK! ... one less rat.

I've realized that engaging in conversation with political whores is unlikely to provide a fella with much in the way of inspirational integrity or clarity of thought... so ... like an addict goin' off Skag cold turkey, both forms of politics are on the pile outside waitin' on the trash truck.

Both forms? Think about it... If I have to explain it, you won't understand.

The future? That's what I'm settin' about reconstructing. At least my own up close and personal long lonesome road. While excluding all those philosophies and deceitful arrogance of proselytizing, political, entitlement parasites that's sitting out on the trash heap.

I believe I'll get back to hunting the ways a life that can be lived with liberty, art, literature, photography (as soon as I'm able to replace my cameras), fellowship, creativity, curiosity, and a heavy reliance on individual responsibility...

With... Motorcycle tours, cogitating on the logistics of building winter camps,  thoughts on realistic minimalism, writing and finding ways a person can produce; through a creativity that feeds the soul and not just the "wallet"; what they need as they need it... rather than the current carnivorous "approved" way of throwing your life into someone else's grinder and hoping you're allowed to have a bit of the production when it comes out the other end... along with all the other pursuits I named, there's no shortage of things to keep myself occupied in the absence of that Trash Pile.

You might say I'm putting a Copyright on my life. If it ain't yours... you can't use it without my permission. ;) Ain't it curious that you have the Right to restrict and control the use of a book... But NOT your life?

Ah... the air is clearer already.

Still tryin' to get loose for a Cool Out ride... not unexpected, but still sudden, battery issues appeared yesterday... have to diagnose 'fore I can feel steady enough to twist the throttle and ride... Hopin' for tomorrow or Saturday.

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Anonymous said...

If you get down the west side of Lolo on your ride you might take a look at taking hwy 29 out of Clarkston, WA over to Enterprise OR. Then west. There is some country there you might enjoy. Just an idea for what it's worth.


Box Canyon said...

CowBoy Brian,
You are an honorable man. When you see a "fight" brewing you don't hesitate to jump to the aid of a friend. I was surprised at the reaction I got from my little "share" on F B ... One from my nephew, the other from a friend. I was not trying to pick a "fight," All I was trying to do was share a little piece that sort of summed up my feelings... our feelings (Bobbie)... about the role of government.

In retrospect, I wish I could undo the share. It was not intended to provoke, mock or put down anyone who has a different point of view. I didn't think it called for a cursing response or a down the nose lecture like I'm soooo shallow and stupid.

When the "blood" of politics runs thicker than that between relatives and "friends," something is wrong. When one is not entitled to their own opinion... formed over 40 years, watching how our system works and how it fails. That sounds a lot like intolerance to me... bordering on arrogance. I believe what I believe. It wasn't snap judgement, I actually put some thought into it. But it sounds like there must be something wrong with me... I'm so far off base. "They" would be surprised to learn I don't "play" right field very often... just when it comes to fiscal matters. We believe that our government should be required to balance their checkbook just like we balance ours. How long can one get away with writing hot checks, anyway? We would be in jail in a heartbeat. If we must be accountable, then so should our government.

That's what my little "share" meant to me. I shouldn't have posted it. I wouldn't have posted it if I thought it would strain relations and friendships. "They" would laugh at this and accuse me of being afraid of a little discussion... debate. Bull Shit. I would never try to change someone's beliefs. They are entitled to them. But to shout down my beliefs because they don't line up perfectly with theirs? It's sad. No, it's pathetic.

I won't do them the honor of responding. There are no winners in political fights. They just serve to further polarize our population. But that you "jumped in" to help out... well, thanks.

Brian said...

Howiet; "budget" is really kicking my sittin' parts. still hopin' to roll that way... I'll decide saturday :) thanks for the intel on the road.

Mark; like... WOW! I was kinda startled at the venom and the lecture I got from folks who haven't a clue what my experience has been. That was actually the final straw that caused me to walk away from FB... the contact I had there with good people I Value was vastly overpowered by the noxious fumes of pea wits like those couple that dumped on me... Aw, well... I especially thought it funny that the one fella took offense at being seen as a socialist... and couldn't really decide how he felt about gov't. :)

while the other clever devil tried to obfuscate it all under a blizzard of fancy language and distorted, tormented, misdirected facts...

To be honest, I was surprised at what spewed out as reaction to what I thought was a pretty accurate SMALL comment...The "Share"... geeze... they really are terrified that someone will listen to anyone speaking the truth aren't they?

I truly don't much care what gov't does, as long as MY participation in the schemes is totally voluntary AND it is only done with funds they have in the Treasury... NOT... Money they're going to make my Grand Children slave for to pay for the debt that these "sheeple" are consuming today... it's disgusting and sad.

and yes... the ones that squall the loudest about being tolerant are generally the most intolerant and nasty of nature. That hypocrisy is to me the most vile thing about their behavior.

Lucky for them they were far far away... a man standing in front of me behaving in that manner is likely to get a different reaction from a grumpy old pussgut like me then he'll receive from a diplomatic newspaper columnist like yourself! :))Might could be I'd do a lil' branding and ear notching! :)

Trying to shout me down... is not generally known to be a profitable enterprise...

But No worries... I've come to realize that the divide has grown too far to bridge and too many are disposed to insult and rude behavior rather than making any attempt top learn anything from experience or history. The Fantasy is so much prettier, let's just IGNORE reality!.

I've chosen to turn my back, as much as I can, on the whole damn mess. There's not a damn thing I can do to change anything.

When experience is denigrated as "Opinion" by those with NO experience on the subject at hand. When history is not only ridiculed but called irrelevant! when attempts to warn that the house is on fire are ridiculed as selfish self serving foolishness, when those you try to enlighten insist on continuing in their fantasy land where 2+2=6, there can be no communication or education.

Their education is coming, they can't stop that. Unfortunately... it is going to splatter on all of us.

ah well... windy as usual!

I'm going riding buddy! :)

Anonymous said...

If ya don't mind me sayin' fellas: I'd appreciate, in general, if you kept the rant going. I know people get all worked up when the talk turns to derailing the gravy train. But for some reason the obvious needs sayin'. Thanks,


Brian said...

I'd not worry too much Mick. Folks that know me know a certain reality. I can swear I'm done with it all, vow I'll just stand back and watch 'em tear it all down... but... I can only cork up my attempts to tolerate the intolerable for so long...

... then it's a guaranteed, double rectified KABLOOEY! When I cut loose after an extended period of keepin' both hands on the cork holding in my disgust for the "stuff" bein' stacked on me by the scheming pea wits...