Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Question Was Asked;

Anonymous said...
"Where you gonna' get the money to do all that? Way you been talking, you're broke. Aint got any!"

That's awful close to tallying up all the reasons a thing can't be... rather than nurturing all the ways they can.

I'm not one for dwelling too long on my weaknesses. I tend toward; This is what I have... How can I put it together... to take me where I'm going.

The foundation of every building is begun with a single shovel of dirt. Every journey has a first step. The explorers of old had no idea of where they'd go or what they'd find.

Hell, Lewis and Clark traveled clear across the continent with not much more than a few tools and the clothes on their backs. They had faith and hunted up what they needed along the way.

I've survived, where others have not... because I believed in Myself. I had faith. I knew I would not fail. If you know you'll fail before you set out down a path; you've already guaranteed that failure is what you will know. I'd suggest it may be best that you not start out.

I've chosen a path to follow. It's a sure and certain truth that at present, I don't have what I expect the journey will require of me. I'll worry about the Needs part as I come to 'em.

Let's put things in a bit of perspective here... I don't believe the way I'm headed compares to the difficulties and risks confronted by them Lewis and Clark wanderers... now does it?

I'll cross the creeks that block my way when I get to their banks.

I've found in life that if you want things to change there are two ways of thinking.

One is to wait for a better situation and hope for a smoother road; "This one is too tough." That's plenty close to an "If I wait long enough, someone else will do it for me" sort of attitude.

The other is to shoulder your ruck and get on up the mountain. Make it happen.

Those who wait, tend to do just that... wait. Maybe, somewhere up ahead the waiters will catch up. Me? I'm gonna shoulder my ruck and carve the world around me that I want... Just like I always have. I don't have time for waiting. Living is what I'm about.

The Doubters can piss and whine, and sit in the shade counting all the excuses for why they can't... and waiting on everything to be juuuuust right. They can call me names and ridicule my efforts and count me as foolish... I couldn't care less. I've no time for that.

I've too much living to do while they're brushed up waiting on juuuuust the right conditions.

Not enough money? pshaw... Success doesn't come from money. It comes from perseverance, imagination, hard work, and guts. But then I'm not really about success anyway. What's success? Seems to me it's the same thing as reaching a destination. I've never truly enjoyed getting where I'm going... it's that journey in between the leaving and the arriving that I live for.

Hell, that's where adventure lives.

For those that require it, they can sit in the safety of the shady places... That's their choice and if that's what pleases their thoughts; Fine and Dandy... Enjoy.

The sure and secure life that never tastes the exhilaration of testing yourself, win or lose, is like having a pair of boots sitting in the closet waiting for good weather to be worn safely.

What is the use of being filled with life... Yet, never taking it out and living it? What good is it kept all locked up, secure and safe? There ain't no reruns or do overs... This is it... Taste it. Risk it. Live it.

I require something that carries the fresh and pure flavor of the unknown. And all it takes to be unknown is to be unknown to me! Thousands of Indian eyes had seen for hundreds of generations... The "discoveries" that Lewis and Clark, Colter and Bridger made. Thousands of moccasined feet had traveled those same paths before they were "Discovered" by those Explorers...

There's no less to be explored and "Found" today... You Virginians just get to Discover... What Idahoans have been living for generations. ;) Yet it's still a New Discovery for YOUR eyes isn't it?

It's standing on that high ridge looking off at the horizon and wondering what lays out there... just out of sight.

Hell, I don't know I'd give a Canadian Nickle for some guaranteed success... Achieving Success just means that journey is done and I'm needful of something else to stir my imagination and feed my spirit.

So... where am I gonna get what I need for the path I've chosen? Who the hell knows... or cares? I'll find it along the way, or I'll find another way.

Ya'll can do what pleases you, that's your choice. In the mean time, for me, goin' out and hunting along the trails I've found sure beats sitting in the shade, scratchin' myself and ... waiting...

... A few pics from the end of my recent ride posted on a Ribbon of Highway.

In Pursuit of New Horizons... Always


Anonymous said...

Brian I admire you! Keep on fighting the fight and LIVING your life!

Every time I read your blog I am INSPIRED by your attitude and determination to get what YOU want out of life.........COME HELL OR HIGH WATER!!!!!!

Rock ON!!

Mark from Ohio

Cindy K. said...

In 3 blog entries now, you have used the term "perspective". We had talked about that once....glad to see and hear what you define "perspective" as, Brian. I think you have a good grip on who you are, what you think about, and this post is very well put. Not hard to figure out at all WHAT you said. LOL
I take away from today a lot of things to think about. Thanks!

Teri said...

Exactly! Just Do It! Don't know if you can do it unless you try!

I'm planning the same type of "camp", just haven't figured out where yet, plus I've only been on the road for a year, so its not time do this yet - but I am still drawing and doodling plans for what I want.

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Anonymous said...

A truth...

If you think you can, you're right.

If you think you can't, you're right.

It's your choice to think whichever way you want to.