Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Unique RV's along the Road and Missing Pieces

... and makin' do with what ya got...

Feeling sorry for myself this morning... Pulled into the Laramie, Wyoming Walmart Resort last night... feeling good, what with being back on the road and all...

Well, this lil' rig was sitting there as we swung in... I'd say it qualifies in the Unique RV category!

*Genuine Allis Chalmers Road Train!*

Don't have a Powerstroke? Don't have a Cummins... or even a lowly Duramax? Don't have any dinero to travel with?

Not a problem... just go Allis Chalmers and think out of the "Box!"... or... THINK Boxes! :)

They've got an air conditioner, power station, and a covered BBQ Deck! ;) Haven't had a chance to talk to the residents... but the plates say Nebraska... and the rig is pointed west... so I'm guessin' they're headin' down the road some more! :)

So... why am I feeling sorry for my self? Cuz... I reached for my Camera to get some pics of this Unique RV... and THAT is when I realized that the burglars that raided our vehicles a week ago at my Friends farm, DID take something from me... BOTH my cameras. My Nikon and my Helmet Video Camera...

These pics I took with Heidi's broken lil' Nikon point and shoot... it works  but... you gotta keep an eye on the battery box or they fall out.

This morning to give a lil' contrast to the Allis Chalmers Road train... This rig pulled in... Pretty much the other end of the scale huh?

You meet all sorts at Walmart Resorts!

Then... there's my wore out old rig with the scrubbing tires, parking lot dings, delaminatin' fiberglass and the shiny Red Motorcycle wedged in... occupyin' the.... um... Lower Middle ground?  :) But the windows work!

At least they can't accuse me of bein' a politician!

The other half is inside stockin' up the larder... as soon as she comes back we'll pull for the High Country... as far as I can get from scavenging, two legged vermin... I can't afford the ammunition to do the required so-sigh-uh-tal repairs... or the patience to fill out the paper work.

Rollin' West Camera-Less


Sharlotte said...

Dang it, I was looking forward to more good pictures. I feel your frustration. We were going to Kentucky and stopped in an RV park, new to the car and the ability to lock your doors with your keys. Asked hubby if he locked the doors, he just went to the door and hit the button on the key. To make a long story short-- he unlocked them instead. Woke up to a knock on camper door at 3:45. Was nice policewoman wanting to know if we knew our doors were standing open on the truck. I had gotten a brand new Panasonic for my birthday, well it was in the wind. Just grateful they didn't take the beat up backpack in the floor of the back seat!! That had my Canon EOS 30D and the new $1800 100-400mm lens that I had just gotten.
I hate thieves.

klbexplores said...

So, so sorry!! No wonder you are like dust in the wind. Certainly punctuates your security post in an ugly way! Guess you need to Post a sign on the door of your rig.... We don't call 911 complete with a pic of a 6 shooter or maybe a semi-automatic! Make like dust to the wind where scum dare not wander.

Anonymous said...

what a damned shame. really - any chance the scumbags will be found?


Brian said...

Nah. The police seem disinclined to even speak to the prime suspects. And there are a couple. Guys on the place 2-3 times a day... At all hours checking and moving irrigation. It had to be someone who knew the vehicles were there. Someone coming up the road at 3 in the a.m. can't hardly see the driveway. The cars parked totally out of sight. The irrigators were able to "scout". Is why so many burglaries are done by garbage men, delivery men, misc. Service men. They can "scout" with out raising attention/suspicion. To tell the truth, the police seem pretty disinterested. I guess $900 bucks worth of my property... Plus the $1500 or so from the other guy isn't enough to get your shorts in a knot over. I think they've just given up and are going through the motions. Ah well... Lesson relearned. Stay away from town.