Thursday, August 30, 2012

I go RV Boondocking for a Reason

Because every return to town only serves to remind me that what I leave behind pushes me back into the unspoiled purity of an open and free country.

Repairs were made, commitments dealt with... and once again beaten down and parasitized by a world for which I can muster less and less understanding, I retreated from town a little too late. Once again I left with less than I arrived. I knocked the foul dust of a contaminated civilization off my boots and filled my lungs with the pure air of open country.

If only the technological benefits of civilization... weren't consistently erased by the social realities of humanity. The species that claims to be the sole possessor of wisdom, reasoned, rational thought and self awareness... is also the most disgracefully, viciously cannabalistic and deceitful species on the planet.

Where did Honor and Dignity go?

I get lost down there in the cacaphony of city slickers and politicians hawking their latest, greatest scheme. They're good at what they do. I begin to lose sight of what's real and what's true anywhere great collections of people gather. It's as if there is an unseen cloud of psychic energy generated by concentrations of humanity. A Negative energy that prohibits common decency.

But here... this land repels that degeneration and I can hold it off for a time.

Here, in these mountains is the true and honest glory of creation. There is the unalterable acceptance of two simple realities. You don't work... and you don't eat; and Death follows life. No amount of fancy speechafyin', forced redistribution plans and hypocritical legislatin' is ever going to change that.

Out Here in Far Country are the last remaining places where the silence is sufficient to allow you to hear the truth. Could be why so many eons past that young carpenter went into the wilderness to seek the truth.

The only things that count in life, the only things worth death, are Courage, Honor, Integrity and Dignity; all those things that people strive for are the consequences of and only have value as the product of Courage, Honor, Integrity and Dignity.

Here in these mountains I can smell the parasites before they can get close. Their stench is not shrouded amongst that of all the others of their kind, that prey on the herd of humanity back in the settlements.

Out here... they are vulnerable and soft. Out here I am not distracted by all the dirt and noise... I am prepared and await their arrival. Here I own them... and knowing that, they keep their distance.

In this camp... Is where I live.

I walk the trail in the sunshine while the dark clouds of storms float by across the mountains on the horizon to the south. I can hear their thunder rumbling in the far peaks. The sun hides behind a cloud and then breaks out every little while and glitters on the Beaver pond below me with shining shafts of light.

The wind whispers through the willows in the pond, sending ripples sparkling across the water while the far mountains remain shrouded in the mysterious purple shadows of distance.

The dogs stand drinking, knee deep in a stream of crystal clear water gurgling over its bed of stones, just beginning its long journey to the sea. Its coolness refreshes them so that they race off in another circle through the timber, while a Beaver glides silently across the dark water of his high mountain retreat. It is a glorious vision.

There's a pine scented breeze coming across the meadow below us as we regain our camp. A Hawk hangs motionless, balanced on the wind above the pines that ring the meadow.

The sun slides down behind the pines on the ridge above our camp. It's softening light shades the clouds with hues of orange and rose... until finally it fades into the velvety deep violet of night.

Here, in this shining place, and a thousand others like it, I am home. I am where I belong. I am in the place where the Boss provides what I need. I breathe the purified air of Freedom; unpolluted by the manipulating, socialist, political effluent of modern soh-sigh-uh-tee; Uncluttered with the burdens that spew from the intellectual wasteland that has evolved into the perverted beast known as civilization.

Civilization; where parasitism and intellectual cannibalism are the principles espoused as the Holy Grail of socialism. Where demigods struggle to impose their values... by force if necessary... in their arrogant self appointed role as our all knowing saviors.

Civilization, where honor, integrity and self reliance are decried as disgusting barbarism.

I am not a man conditioned nor wired for the twenty first century. I am systemically and emotionally out of sync and out of balance with the decrepit values of a society determined to promote a degenerating version of character.

I am one of those born out of season. The Orwellian double speak that assaults my ears and my soul are intolerable. I am battered with the concept that; I must be supportive of the "lesser of two evils" of such dishonorable behavior or be branded unworthy of my Freedom and "Un-Patriotic". It creates a vile stench in my nostrils that I cannot bear.

When vile speakers such as Bill Maher can make $millions$ spewing degrading, disgusting, demeaning, defamatory filth at other men's Wives, and Sisters and Daughters... declaring that they are nothing more than profane body parts of a whore... Without physical consequence from a single husband, father, brother or son... and are still claimed by the "public" to by "Funny" ... I find that I am existing in a world which I can not abide and sharing life with males who are no longer men.

I am ashamed for those fathers and brothers and husbands... who have not stood up. Life without Honor is unworthy of the air it consumes.

Had Maher gone amongst those who raised me... and laid his despicable insults on their wives or daughters... or mothers... the insults with which he continually assaults other women... Maher would have been rendered incapable of speech. Willing or not... he would have found his sorry, vile ass on the Field of Honor.

Though I admit, that is a place he would never recognize and is probably incapable of comprehending. The man is the green puss of cowardice.

Yet this is the sort with which your President associates; and this is NOT an aberration! It is exactly this sort of degenerate with which ALL your political leadership consorts. It is the sort with which all your purported "Elite" covort... while you express your surprise at the absence of honor in your government.

... and still, you refuse to impose consequences.

When the President of the United States can accept millions from such as Maher and not have the truth be told; That such payment can not be for anything BUT services rendered... and Still have half the population claim him to be a great and honorable man and not just another political whore in that eastern wasteland... I have outlived the time I can understand.

I shall remain in the mountains. Quick trips will of regretable necessity have to be made to the degenerating dens of  "civilization" for re-supply...  for which I will as I always have, pay the going rate or do without. Let's be clear; I get nothing from society where it doesn't profit from the transaction. I have paid my way my whole life and I always will.

Don't bother me with that nonsense that I take anything from society. It takes the lions share of my labors as it does from all irretrievably snared in it. We are rendered merely "sharecroppers" in our own lives. Allowed to retain, by the generosity of our masters, a minority share of our labors.

I go there only as necessity dictates. Leave the fruits of my labors behind in trade for the physical requirements of life... and then shake the dust of those nasty places off my boots with fevered haste...

... to return to my treasured mountains, deserts, prairies and vistas of far country; where under the Boss's watchful care... Freedom and Truth yet survives.

That which uplifts your spirit and your soul is not to be found in the soap box orations and assertions of scheming shysters on the stump. It will be found hidden within your own soul... wandering with an open heart. The wilderness will shine a bright light on the good you seek. If you look hard enough for it, and honestly enough... you will find it where it has always been. It was just buried under the load of drivel the shysters dumped on you.

When the Kings man rebuked him with; "You call yourself a loyal subject of the King?"

Hawkeye replied; "I don't call myself subject of much-o-nothin' "

"To The Wild Country Where I Belong"


Ed said...

Why don't you say what you really think? Oh wait, maybe you just did! Can not agree more with your post today.

Anonymous said...

Been reading you for quite a while,this was a very powerful post. Thanks Brian..