Thursday, August 23, 2012

RV Boondocking Security

A couple weeks back we had a conversation with a couple and their boys on a trail near Dumont Lake. They'd recently bought their lil' trailer and were staying in the campground while they learned the ropes. We talked quite a lil' while. The conversation went from trails and refrigerators competing with the sun warmed wall of the rig to safety in camp.

When we mentioned our preference for full on boondocking camps. She said that she was "afraid" to get too far out into far country.

"Afraid?" I asked. "Well yeah." she replied. "Is it safe out there?"

She implied that they'd be vulnerable to thieves and attack out  that far from the law. It was all I could do to not laugh. I told her, in all the years I/we have wandered far and empty country, the ONLY place we've had Issue One with two legged parasitic scavengers... was IN TOWN.

Is RV Boondocking Safe? You bet. Far safer than the folks in the settlements thinking they are protected by police. I mean, when was the last time a cop knocked on your door because he'd heard that you Were Going to be burglarized and he was there to prevent it? They don't protect Against anything. They come AFTER the fact and do their best to clean up.

Nope, the parasites stay in town. That's where the prey is concentrated... and their treasures. It would cost the grubby leaches too much gas to drive out into the mountains and prowl around trying to find somebody's secluded unguarded camp. It makes no sense.

So... We're back in Fort Collins for a few days to deal with a few tasks that have popped up. Camped at a friends lil' farm hard on the east side of town...

Night before last Heidi "heard" something in the middle of the night and thought; "That's a strange noise for a coon to make!" Turned out to be car/truck doors being opened. When we got up in the morning a pair of sheriffs patrol cars were over at the "Big House." Their car had been broken into... and our truck.

Our friend lost some valuable items, $1500+ out of the car they'd absent mindedly left unlocked.  There was nothing in our old truck to take... but it had been gone through. Near as we can tell from the "Chronology" of what Heidi heard and misinterpreted... they went through his car... then our truck... and a minute or so later she heard the dog growl standing at our open/screened door... the trailer is parked about 40 feet or so from where the truck was parked.

I figure, the thieving fools started approaching the trailer looking for more loot... then heard the dog and realized; "Oh Crap it's not just parked! There's people there!"

Lucky for them. Had they got juuuust a mite closer; close enough to truly light that Aussie up? THAT there would have gotten me up... and then the fireworks of a cranky old, puss gut, cowboy biker vets Bad Attitude and distaste for thieving, two legged scum would have been on full display... NOT a pretty picture. ;)

The Deputies said they had several other break-in calls to respond to nearby... looks like the vermin were running a pre-scouted route... Something you DON'T see up in the High Lonesome.

 And... THAT is the point of this story. If you don't go out into Far Country out of fear of being that far from the "reach" and Protection of the "authorities"... Know this. That is the only place your "Safety" increases! Because the two legged scavengers are far far fewer and farther between. The "Protection" offered by the "authorities" in town is a charade and a fairy tale. They protect nothing and only clean up "Some" of the mess.

Most of all... You are safer in the mountains and out on the deserts than you'll ever be in town. The thieves see little profit in wandering around out there. It's too far and too unknown... and actually I think they're a mite fearful themselves of those camps.

They know that a heavy percentage of those folks are the Self Reliant Type who are equipped, willing, and quite capable of defending their own, while the fairy tale promises of government "guards" remain safely back in town. The odds are against them... so they stay away.

The only place I've heard of theft or other issues is down around Quartzsite in the winter... and an occasional RV PARK!... and THAT is because there is a HEAVY concentration of High Dollar rigs with marketable goodies for the smash and grab vermin to prey on in those places.

Parked by yourself three miles up a forest dirt road, thirty miles out of a little town... behind a copse of Aspen in a quiet mountain meadow? About the only thing you have to worry about there... is when you're going to have to go back to town!

Just Sayin' it Like it Is


Shadowmoss said...

My take-away from the past few posts is that when I buy my (most likely) used rig, I want you to give it a go-over to let me know the places Murphy might be hiding in it. You seem to have experienced most of his possible hi-jinks.

Prayers sent up for y'all. I'll be back in the States for a couple of weeks, way East of you, the first part of Sept. I'll be in touch.

Anonymous said...

Wow your take on Safe is too funny, I letf my rig for a couple days while I work in town in the Forest. I worry but try to have everything buttonned up.

Due to bears this year ranging alot further than normal I am taking extra precuations. Always better to "safe than sorry"

thansk for the read!!!

Anonymous said...

Rode past Dumont Lake on my way back from a two week ride about but knew you were already gone or I would have stopped by to say howdy so you could have put a face with my occassional comments.


Ed said...

Absolutely right Brian. You can have a pizza delivered faster than the 'authorities' will respond to a 911 call.

Then IF they do apprehend an alleged criminal the judicial system takes over, which is a misuse of the word justice.

Brian said...

Shadow; That could be interesting... though... are you sure you want a guy who has a "close" relationship with Murphy, anywhere near your rig? :)

Anon; Aw, bears are easy. Keep a clean camp and any worries almost disappear! :)

Howiet; Sorry we missed you. Where are are/were you headed? Where's home?

Ed; only... you can't get pizza delivered on the back side of beyond :o(

Anonymous said...

To long a story to get into detail here. Had left Stugis and gone to Harley museum in Milwaukee then rte 66, Roswell, Santa Fe, up through CO over to Flaming gorge and now headed home to Mose Lake, Wa. Me and the "Old Sow" are both about wore out but been a good trip.