Wednesday, July 18, 2012

We're Leaving... Again

The "plan" is tomorrow... but as always with such doin's... after a long stay anywhere the leaving often turns out to be like a boat trying to pull anchor... and the anchor is stuck.

Most of the chores we had planned have gotten done... some ain't... but I got no "Time" left to stay here! I swear... If I had to leave the road and stay on the Front Range... I'd not last a season.

Whatever I had that let me live along through here for so many years is gone! There's just too many people... to much commotion... Too Many People... noise and... did I already say "Too Many People?"

One of the big "difficulties" that has to be dealt with when leaving time comes is the phenomenon known as "PPM".  (Personal Property Migration)

The distance and diversity of the movement of possessions within and around an RV multiplies in geometric proportion to the length of the stay. In addition, the volume swells at an accelerating pace.

So... each time you stay "Too Long" in one place the stuff not only travels to the furthest point that it can from it's storage point... but it breeds. Stay in one place too long and you create packing problems when you go to leave.

"Where'd we pack this the last time?"

"No where... we didn't HAVE that the last time!"

So... Today and the first part of tomorrow will be spent trying to herd the junk that was here before... back to its "Road Home"... and... finding a "Road Home" for any new junk that has joined the caravan.

... and then... we'll be hauling for a Boondock Roost in Wyoming's Wind River Mountains... At least that's the "Plan"... We shall see where we Actually land.

Getting Ready to Get Back Where I belong

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