Saturday, July 7, 2012

An RV Boondocking Biker is Not Meant for Parking

... Any more than Eagles should be perched, Killer Whales should be kept in a big swimming pool or Motorcycles should be garaged.

All those things were meant to soar, breach in the open sea and rumble through the twisties! Take that away from 'em and bad things are almost sure to happen.

Keeping me out of trouble requires keeping that thing twixt my ears wandering. It's normal place is with the wind whistling past it's ears and it's nose leading the rest of my carcass into new country.

Lay up in one place too long, where the resident of my brain pan ain't tasked to keep my eyes searching the horizon, or the lil' gas stations and creeksides we pass is a recipe for difficulty! Give that disobedient muscle enough free time to THINK... and Oh Lordy... grab a hold on your seat cuz the big winds of trouble are sure to be blowin' sometime soon!

Take it out of its normal gypsy environment and It'll be comin' up with ideas and enterprises best left in the realm of fantasies and what ifs!

The idea to not travel so far this summer was an admirable financial calculation. Admirable but faulty... 'twas an inspiration that failed to take into account the dire need to keep the over active trouble maker festering 'tween my ears busy.

That and my basic nature. Go to just about any zoo and what do ya see? Big cats and other critters pacing up and down within the confines of their cages... right?

Now maybe with my bald head, puss gut, and gimpy walk I'm not so purty as one of those big cats... but I'm just as caged when I'm in one place too long. It's the reality of my basic nature.

That we had a lot of chores stacked up needful of doin' doesn't make the "parking" any more tolerable. My "Trouble Maker" is working overtime tryin' to create something "Interesting"... which generally translates into noise, bruises, squealing and crunching sounds, expense, or flashing red and blue lights... or... a combination of one variety or another of all the above.

I've been trying to use some of that 'eastern' philosophy stuff and repeating a mantra over and over... but... folks just look at me weird and start backing up when I go stumble mumbling through Walmart... sayin' over and over to my self; jus' a lil' bit longer hee hee... jus' a lil' bit longer hee hee... jus' a lil' bit longer hee hee...

So... I've got one last "Chore" I'm waiting on before I can get me back where I belong... which is somewhere 'tween here.., and THERE! :) No Destination in mind; Just goin', wanderin', and Moving...

... trouble is... the parts to complete that chore are somewhere 'tween here and Hong Kong! ;)

So all I can do is say;

Jus' a lil' bit longer hee hee


Barney, The Old Fat Man said...

Me too. My hold up is waiting for a grandkid to be born. Just a little longer he he he

Spotted Dog Ranch: said...

LOL, great post, you hit the nail on the head in a perfect way.

It's tough being born with a gypsy heart, but being stuck with one is worse. I'm dreaming of going up to Montana, even if just for a week before summer leaves us...