Monday, July 30, 2012

I think I Opened the Door for Murphy...

Today being the Jeb Taylor Day for all my Western Readers to get a copy of the New Release at Amazon, I got up and tried to hang a fresh link on FB... and of course... that place being what it is... it locked me out!

Took a while to get my account back and then every attempt to hang a new post on there ended with an error/phishing message... hmmmm... and they wonder why their stock value just keeps tanking? ... if that Zuckerman kid wants a lil' down home educashun he can buy me a beer and I'll fill the the digger in! ;)

So... I try to do some other things... and ... yep... Verizon/Google starts smackin' me around... arrrrrrrggggghhhhhh.

I'm thinkin' the real issue here is technology outpacing the ability of "men" to comprehend all the lil' trips and traps they're setting up; and Not the poor performance of some individual company. Though I'm sure Ol' Murph' is bangin' around in the fringes taken advantage of every opportunity.

For all you folks that are wonderin' about why your phones and such might not be workin' so well any more?... here's the deal...

A few years back I started using a Verizon air card for my internet connection. Service was good and getting better for a few years.

Then... came Smartphones... and then the Ipad/tablet craze... and service started tankin'.

THAT is when the wireless internet got converted into the electronic immitation of an L.A. freeway.

How many of you notice that you've got 3G and a handful of bars but the thing just sits there... doin' nothing?

Yep. The internet super highway all loaded up with the fastest gadgets on earth... that can't go anywhere or do anything 'cause the "System" is so grossly oversold and over loaded that there's not enough room (band width) for all those jillions of fast gadgets that have been sold in the past two years to even MOVE.

It's like living in Denver and goin' out to buy that Maserati that'll do 250 mph. Wow... what an awesome car... and... just where exactly are ya'll gonna EVER see that speed? In the 7mph (when it's moving) bumper to bumper rush hour traffic? or the rest of the day when it's just slidin' along... pretty much still bumper to bumper... at a lil' bit faster?

Well...On the internet super highway it is Oh-fish-all-ee ...rush hour!

So... If I was you I'd just get used to declining service with air cards/smart phones/tablets for the next few years. Until they double or triple their cell tower capacity/available band width... I doubt you're going to see an improvement. I guess you could buy a western ebook to read while you wait ;)

Hey! It's kinda like government... Pay more... get less... :)

To heck with it... I'm gonna go for a walk and then read a Jeb Taylor Western from Amazon Kindle Store when I get back! ;) at $2.99 I'm workin' on the Pay less get more principle. ;)

Thanks for coming by folks. I hope you know you're Very appreciated!

Walkin' in the High Country Rain


Ed said...

My Verizon Air Card shows 4 bars EVERY TIME I connect. But, you are exactly correct about the bandwidth being overloaded.
The 4 bars are showing a strength of signal but tell you nothing about the speed. Using your analogy, the 4 bars are telling you that all of the car cylinders are firing but the speedometer is showing 5 mph.

Anonymous said...

Bought my copy this morning. Love your writings.

Sharlotte said...

Bought mine. Looking forward to reading it.