Monday, July 23, 2012

Doing My Mental Laundry

Kinda flat this morning... Write this down!... one of the few days you'll ever see me at much of a loss for words! :) mostly 'cause the only words I've got the past few days would be to spank the human race...

Since that is an exercise in futility, the human race refuses to learn... and I'm mostly weary of runnin' against the wind... I just went and took another walk.

Dropped off into the canyon that runs past and below our camp...

*The rig waiting above us*

When your eyes and your spirit are assaulted by and shrouded by darkness... what can you do? Drugs? Rage? Depression? or is there a way to flush that trash out of your mind?

I believe in MOST cases... it is NOT a medical condition but a choice... (I said Most).

You can choose the way you want to go. That don't mean it's an easy trail. It's not. It's often a bone crusher... but it remains... a choice.

The thing that lifts me, maybe not to the crests of giggling joyous peaks... but to a comfortable, quiet, serenity is movement and a far view.

I get myself out away from the foolish, political, emotional and often brutal things that people subject each other to... and breathe in the open air of LIFE...

... to soak up the beauty that is the world around us. A world without all the distortions of the senseless, useless, meaningless, cruelties and garbage that is much of soh-sigh-uh-tee that I dumped and walked away from.

It's just like doing your laundry. You put your dirty clothes into a churning bath of clear water and keep flushing until the dirt is gone. Sometimes stains remain... the rips aren't healed... but the worst of the dirt is gone.

I force the pure and clear mountains into my brain through my eyes and my ears... until there's no room left for the brutalities that society contaminates it with...

*Battered but still hangin' on*

I listen to the wind in the trees... the water gurgling in the stream... I watch the Raven soar overhead and the deer thump off through the woods. I close my eyes and breathe deep of the pine scented air and feel the pressure in my chest dissipate. I watch the wind rippling the water of the lake... The storm clouds gathering each afternoon and the freshening breeze they bring...

I put my knees in the wind and ride my motorcycle down a twisting ribbon of asphalt and feel the cares and worries of this world fade away.

At the end of the day though some of the mental stains remain; the worst of the filth is gone. I am refreshed and content. I am where I belong and though I can not change the world or even moderate its psychosis... I can live as I require... in the Freedom and Peace I admire.

*The Day fading over Steamboat Springs*

*Sunset in the Rockies*

I no longer am running against the wind. I am but a tumbleweed... flowing along with it.

I am who I am...


Cindy Kingma said...

You ARE getting it, Brian!!! Enjoy, enjoy, the world cannot be changed by rants cause there is too much 'noise' like that coming from all directions....very little seeps into that big ole world because they are as frustrated with the noise as we all are. Enjoy what the REAL world has to offer instead. Beauty, animals, loving understanding friends and family. The rest...well, they will eventually do away with themselves or get a clue...not worth any kind of attention except to stay far far away.
Good people always get hurt with the bad stuff...its like everything along the way, when you do EVERYTHING right and still get stung with it not turning out right (shouldn't it we ask? we DID everything right, didn't we?)
I like it when you offer the positive things....instead of the big shouts about doomsday stuff.
Hugs for another beautiful day of wonderful pictures of where YOU enjoy the world.

Don said...

You found a great place to do that laundry! Very beautiful. You're right there is a lot of crap to wash out of your head. For me, the silence of the desert is my laundry room. Keep on keeping clean!