Saturday, June 30, 2012

One of Those "This and That" Posts

Started the day off yesterday finding out that the coons have continued to outmaneuver us disciplinarians...

They keep changing their "schedule" and continue to avoid a rendezvous with destiny... That's ok... the longer they hold it off... the stiffer their discipline for chicken thieving is gonna be :-/

Editing on "Heart of a Man" is progressing... shooting for 3rd quarter of July release.

Then... the MiFi2200 air card I got back in 2009 has been sinking slowly... the battery was pretty much shot... not to mention that it being a Grandfathered UNLIMITED data plan Verizon was unhappy about... SO... they slammed us back in April and had it knocked down to Dial Up Speed... The Dark Ages of Technology for sure! Try to upload pics or videos at that!

Since I spend some little bit of time online working... something about wanting to eat once in a while :) I HAVE to have a functioning system. Well... yesterday I went down and got the newest and latest Bell Ringing air card... The Jetpack data card by Verizon... a 4g data card that does ever'thing but make coffee... yeah... right... ;)

It is a hell of a lot quicker...'course now that they have me hooked in on another two year plan and no Unlimited Data ... I ain't slammed any more either... Devious buggers... That and 4g... hmmmm... out where we Usually are parked... there is no 4g... not yet... so that isn't gonna be a big advantage... but the battery is replaceable in this one and the antennae seems to maybe function a lil' stonger... so I'm hopeful...

Having had enough "Stuff" in the past few days ... I put the Raider into the mountains yesterday afternoon... When the world is weighing on my head... putting my knees in the breeze is ALWAYS a salve on my wounded spirit.

Poudre Canyon has been off limits and closed for days due to fires as is the country up to Red Feather... The past two days the dry weather has finally broke a bit and they've gotten a handle on the burns... for a little while anyway... there's still a few hundred million acres that are going to burn... though it might could take ten years...

But yesterday... I leaned my way up the Big Thompson River toward Estes Park. There was a little thin smoke... I expect coming from the burn near Boulder... or that down at the springs... but no matter... Running along the river through a light rain the air was freshened and the day was fine.

I managed to time it right so traffic was thin as well. When you're fortunate to hit it right like that; it is a fun canyon to ride. You lean into a right hand curve and as the bike stands back up coming out you continue right over into a left hander... and then back again into a right.

 Back and forth the bike just dances as you sweep up the mountain... THAT... is a sweet ride. Not pushing fast or hard... It's just a rhythmical, dancing movement with that engine rumbling under you, the wind in your face... the scent of the river and the pines.. the cool fresh feel of the rain... The worries of the world fall away and for a time you're in that sweet place that you wish would never end.

All the things that make dogs stick their heads out the window. :-))

All the things that if you "Get It" you understand... if you don't... it can't be explained...

Today we're gonna take another run to Denver... there's a dog "thing" of some sort... but my main mission is a Surgery on the Truck...

Anybody who's been reading here for long knows I've wanted to do a major rebuild/reorganization of our rig for a bit... but dinero... or the lack of it is juuuuust a lil' bit of an obstacle ;) so... as always I'll make do with what I got for a while longer.

To that end, I'm gonna amputate the headache rack off the bed. It doesn't do anything, it's more weight I dont' need to carry around... and... with some changes I'm making on the Raider... I need a few additional inches of clearance. I can gain those if I take off those 2X4 beams of the headache rack...

Removing it will also allow me to modify, improve and simplify how I tie the bike down... all good things.

My son-in-law just got himself a plasma cutter... so I'm gon' give him something to practice on! There'll be pictures eventually... hopefully NOT of the fire that the plasma cutter started in the driveway! :)

Gotta get it done though... we should be moving off the front range again in about 8 or 10 days... 'nuff chores and business done to hold me for a while... maybe come back when I'm 83 or so to do the rest.

Time to roll. The big city awaits... ooooffffff.

Writing, Riding and Cutting


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