Thursday, June 28, 2012

Obsession... The Antidote for the Chains of Conformity

Sweet Obsession.

Have you ever noticed what a bad rap it gets? I mean...When you say "He's Obsessed with it"... the first thing you generally think is; "That's a BAD thing" ... Right? The usual connotation is negative...

"They" tell you to grow up... put that "Stuff" aside and be a "Productive" citizen.

Aw Phooey! I've had a belly full of "Productivity"... Living life like that is like owning a fancy racing bicycle and then never putting your butt in the saddle... just walkin' along pushing it around for thirty years; THINKING about what it can or could do...

I'm for climbing on that sucker... or my Raider ;) and provoke people to just shake their heads... while somewhere deep inside the thought flutters around their brain pans; "I wish I had..."

To hell with what might could go wrong. To hell with the "cost".  I consider the cost if I Don't!!!

One year of LIFE... Lived at full throttle... dwarfs the value of a decade lived wearing your seatbelt, keeping your medical insurance paid, the fire extinguishers charged, your boss happy and your "ice" numbers in your cell phone kept up to date.

Have you also ever noticed the grey, blank, emotionless, dreary, bored... Lost... looks folks without the Blessing of an Obsession have on their faces? As they struggle just to force themselves to breathe in and out... and keep putting one foot in front of the other each day? ... being productive, responsible, obedient lil' serfs?

If you had five minutes left on this earth... What would you do with it?

Obsession... Sweet, Sweet Obsession.

When I'm done with it... I want my life to look like one of those orange rinds you see layin' beside those juice makin' machines... just the shell all squeezed and drained... not a bit of good left in it. Just a dried up, worn out remnant husk of a life of Sweet Obsession.

Obsession. The thing that gets your Heart Pounding when you think of "It". The thing that makes you giggle and puts that "Can I?" evil gleam in your eye! :-))

Sweet Obsession... The thing that puts that High Shine on LIVING! HooYa!

Every several months I seem to go through a period where things stagnate a bit... I start feeling that Sheep Herder creeping up on me that the man sends out... carefully start tryin' to work me back into the fold...

... And I get the irresistible urge to throw off my camouflage and rise up... the Wolf in Sheep's clothing... and bite that herding son-of-a-biscuit right where it'll make him yelp the loudest!

Sweet Obsession... It's what puts the flavor in life. It's the sunrise after a stormy night. That first cool swallow of beer sitting in the shade when you get back to camp after a hot dusty hike.

... or the feel of a fine Motorcycle splitting the Wind over Going to the Sun Road... or the wind in your face standing on the bow of a Ferry running the inside passage up in Alaska!

Obsession... is the BREATH of LIFE.

That other; that grey, dreary, depressed, oblivion of life without it is what it must feel like to a person seconds before they expire from asphyxiation.

You know when I'm the MOST unhappy? ... When MOST of the people around me say; "Smart Choice Brian."

Obsession. Bring it ON!


Spotted Dog Ranch: said...

Your post made me stop and think about all this. I guess there's a difference between obsessions and addictions. Obsessions are there because you love them, addictions you can't control and are often bad for you. Allergies are things you can't be around at all or you'll die.

I'm obsessed with being in nature, addicted to buying gas to get there, and allergic to cities.

Or something like that. :)

Brian said...

Ha Ha! A perfect distillation! ;)

pondputz said...

I like it Brian,
I like my addictions & obsessions makes life fun.

Hope you don't mine if I steal this post for my blog.

will link to you

Although I do not full time, I do wear out many trailer tires on the trailer, moving around alot