Thursday, June 7, 2012

Is Finding the Perfect RV...The Meaning of Life?

Ahhhh... I'm feeling a big wind comin' up... this is likely to take two posts to flesh out my complete thought... ;)

For someone... Someone like ME... Hunting, searching, building, finding, acquiring the Perfect RV... Well... That's kind of a contradiction in terms ain't it? Almost a betrayal of everything I've sermonized on and about?

I admit it. I too fall prey, often, to such things.

The perfect RV... When I'm honest with myself, I see that as the scar that reminds me of the "Treadmill" days... enriching the man. It's the last lil' bit of that materialistic mentality (that I have to consciously resist) where the acquisition of things is the primary goal of LIFE, and not, what I believe Life should be about...

The Acquisition of LIFE.

Lately, I've been deliberately reminding myself that the perfect RV is only the one that keeps the rain off my head and that shelters me from the wind and the cold. All else is simply a matter of which color do you prefer? Once the function of shelter is taken care of, the rest is mere aesthetics and economics. Buying what you can't afford is the trick of that Ol' Con Man; To keep you indentured to the Man.

Don't get me wrong, material things are necessary to human beings. I need clothes... or at least... YOU need me to need clothes. ;) To get where I go, I need a vee-hickle... and I fully admit that the big Red Motorcycle I ride contributes HUGE to the smile I occasionally manage to hang on my face. But, in the end, things are only the tools we use to help build the experiences of LIVING.

So, finding the perfect RV isn't ~ The Meaning of Life ~ If not that... what? Is it to work and slave and stack up Security? And what is "Security" anyway?

Security is Nothing. Security doesn't exist.

How many Millions have seen their imagined Security vanish in a mist of manipulated numbers in the last decade? If it was Secure... where did it go? How many times over the generations has this replayed?

It's my belief that Security is the Pure Fantasy spun out of thin air ~ to provide the tool to produce fear in those who don't have it. That fear is then used by those who lust for power to con folks into surrendering to the "Solutions" offered by the Fantasy spinners. So... you're taught to Fear Not Having ~ What doesn't Exist.

Most measure their Security by the size of their bank accounts. They measure their safety by how much green paper they have. Paper that only has value because "Someone" claims it does... The premier con.

I for one believe it is largely a fantasy spun by the nobility of old, who found the perfect way to reclaim their power. (since folks seem to have discovered that they were Not in fact emissaries of God) If you Control money you control the people. Eliminate real money (gold and silver) and replace it with fiat phuny money that YOU the con man control.

In modern times Security is generally defined as a pension plan, or a stock portfolio with a lot of zeros... but what, exactly is THAT?

In a word? Wishful Thinking... ok... I can't count... two words... but it is still largely fantasy. Does the name Enron mean anything to you? Are you really believing your Paper Security is secure? When that paper is controlled and manipulated by those men of high integrity on Wall Street?

When you buy into a con... you are at the con man's mercy...

There was a time I thought I'd build my family some security. I figured then that I'd bust hump and build, using as much of my own labor as possible, a fine property. That if I put in enough of my own sweat I'd have the equity to create a sweet "nest egg". Long time readers here know how that worked out.

The phony money system stole that equity by appraising my "Property" at 25% below the cost of building it. They told of how they were losing money and then reported PROFITS in the BILLIONS... and none of 'em are in jail... well, maybe one or two token sacrifices.

That is the fantasy of putting trust in anything valued in Fiat Phuny Money. The powers that be, any time they can see a way to squeeze a few more Liberties out of you... will devalue your Property and your MONEY...

In fear the majority of folks jump up and down hollering for the con man to save them. Now, of course, the con man says; "I can do that. I just need a liiiitle more power to do that job." and of course that Power comes from you surrendering a bit more of your Liberty.... and the King reclaims another chunk of his lost supremacy.

I've come up with a few solutions. The Best Solutions... For ME. I emphasize, this is what I Do for ME. What I am comfortable with. For me Liberty is Premier, and security is but a dream.  

What you do is what You Must Do.

My answers for Me are;

#1; What Security a person can have comes from learning, building skills, and having Faith in himself. Faith in his ingenuity, his talent, his knowledge, his perceptions and his perseverance.

#2; I own little that can be seized for lack of property tax payment to the King or painfully devalued. Or even be attractive to any of his asset grabbing minions. What I have would cost 'em more to take than they'd get.

#3; Rather than having converted a great part of my life to a pile of fiat paper to be scammed away by the system or devalued in an effort to promote the decline of Liberties. I now produce my subsistence as I go. What that does is, there's no "account" or "Portfolio" to be manipulated and stolen. My income is produced at whatever the new "Inflated" rate is, as I need it. Kind of an automatic adjustment. If there is ANY real security in this world (doubtful) it is to have some control/ownership of the production of your subsistence income.

#4; I have faced my mortality... more than once. They will not enslave me with this fear. I consciously address the fact that no matter how skilled a medical system might could be... They have never saved a life. They have only, ever, postponed the end. Increasingly, at astronomical cost. So the only real choice there is how you check out, and how much of today you siphon off in a vain attempt to hold off eternity... forever. I for one will not bankrupt my children's children, or anyone else, in the vain attempt to be the first to achieve immortality. Quite simply, I will live until I die... and I intend to die with dignity and courage.

I'll close this lil' tirade with some more Cowboy Philosophizin' on the morrow!


Walden creek rv said...

I would therefore take it you were not one of those large buyers of facebook stock!!:) I can not really find fault with your Mark like rant! Tell it like it is cowboy!

Brian said...

Yeah that's me... Big Time stock trader! ;) Mark and me have the same "eyes on the horizon" sort of mentality... likely have a lil' different view of what comes first, and what can be sacrificed and what can't... But then... if we all saw the same trail to follow that sucker'd be as crowded as town! ;)

Box Canyon said...

Cowboy Brian,
I hope you are not misconstruing my words... that I believe "finding the perfect RV is the meaning of life." If that's what you believe, then either you missed the point... or I can't express my thoughts on paper very well.

My point was suppose to be... there is no such thing as the "Perfect RV, nor a Perfect Life on the road." Hint: "Paradox"
Are you sure when you say the Perfect RV can be as simple as anything that "keeps the rain off your head and shelters you from the wind and cold?" I mean, I believe it... but.... if I may be so bold, why wouldn't a little 175 scooter do you just as well? Do you really need the Red Raider? No... but it puts a smile on your face so it's justified (even tho it puts the fear of God in your Passenger :)) Different strokes for different folks...

We all aim for heaven... I guess you are a "Catholic" and I'm a "Baptist." You say potato... I say potahto.

We are headed for the same destination... we just use different toys to get there. I've been guilty of not being frugal enough on my rigs... lessons learned. I try to balance running off to the road forever against leaving my "widow" enough money to have a comfortable life in her old age. Like your Red Raider, that puts a smile on MY face.
Love ya, CowBoy.

Jeff said...

Always plenty to ponder with Brian and Mark. Use to think the "answers" were out there somewhere,if only I could find them. Finally realized they're within each of us. Thanks guys!

Brian said...

Mark; No Worries, I wasn't thinkin' that way... Jeff kinda answered for me/us! :) My words were directed toward those who get, I believe, mistakenly hung up on the "hardware" of things (the "glossies" promote that job really well) which is maybe 20%. The perfect this, or that... which we agree... don't exist... and miss the 80% philosophy/spirit of things.

Perfect is a nice dream but it's another unattainable mountain. There's just life, and what you do with it! :) Just was comin' at it from a lil' different angle.

Now... of course we all know that the 20/80 rule DOESN'T hold with motorcycles! AND...that MOTORCYCLES are about the only machine or THING that enters DEEP into the world of Spirituality! :)) ... and that lil' 175 just ain't got the power to drive that deep! :)

KarenInTheWoods said...

T'aint the perfect RV....
Tis the perfect moment of sitting back in the lawn chairs, side by side, toasting the sunset and saying "This is the perfect LIFE"


Karen and Steve
(Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

Patricia O'Neill said...

Hi Brian,

From a link on the Bayfield Bunch, I arrived to Box Canyon and ended clicking on your comment that I found so compelling. How glad am I to have done that!
During the last hour, I have been reading several of your posts which I have found very interesting and thought provoking.

As we are getting ready to launch our new life on the road, I admit that we have been focusing onto the “hardware” side of it, like you say. Because after a day spent in the outdoors, we enjoy sitting our butts in a comfortable chair, eating a warm meal, take a shower and then have a good night sleep in a bed that won’t break our back.
The hardware is a mean, not an end. Once we are on our way, we’ll gladly forget the hardware (hoping that we won’t have too much troubles to remind us about it!) to focus only about the lifestyle it allows us to have.

People may toss rocks at me but we have bought new ;) A new 5er and a new truck. Hoping to have less hassle. And also after visiting too many used RV that brought tears to my eyes, husband could not take it anymore LOL
But, and this is a big but, we had the money to pay for it. No way we would go into debts. We could afford the new 5er and truck, but not a class A, even a used mildew-bengay-stained-couch smelling one. Class C would have been too small to live full time, especially since I need space to put a jewelry bench. So, we are happy with our choice because it fits the lifestyle we want to have. At the end, it was always about the lifestyle.

Thanks for the blog. I’ll keep reading it!

Brian said...

Karen and Steve; PERFECT! Until the SKEETERS zone in on you! ;)

Patricia; Don't feel any guilt about starting out with a new rig! Not even a little. We tried to start with a NEW Truck a few years back... it went away with the "Equity" in the place we'd built... The key was in that you could "Afford" it. THAT is what Frugal REALLY means... simply living within your means and with what you, personally, need... and I know what you mean about some "Used" rigs... But it's more embarrassing when a puss gut ol' geezer like me is doin' the cryin'! :)