Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Is THIS... All There IS?

Mark, Boonie, Randy an' a few others have been working over the "Meaning" of RV Boondocking... and the Wandrin' Life... Like a lot of folks, it seems to me, they've been looking for what's "Missing"...

... and seeking ways of re-Shaping the life... to fit some imaginary blueprint. Pretty much Human Nature I'd guess. Kind of like the human equivalent of Beaver's. Cut here... fill there...poke this bit in over yonder... and Wa'La! A New World.

Only problem with that is... The More things change... the more they stay the same... as soon as you go to trying to "Re-invent" soh-sigh-uh-tee ... you wake up and you're driving an Edsel... same old same old with a new hood ornament... Put Lipstick on a pig, and ya still got a pig. ;)

~ ~ ~
I would get up in the morning...drivin' from my bed by the caustic scream of a Chinese made alarm clock. Climb on the bike at oh dark thirty and hit the road in a 15 degree sunrise.

Just a few feet up the road there was a sign "55mph"... on the side road just past it was another sign; "STOP".

In the center of the road are paint stripes... No passing... the other side can pass... my side can pass...

In the town I have to stop at the command of a light... I go with the permission of a light... I pass a man... several men... in cars with lights, and words painted on them who give commands in bullying posture and tone...

I walk down the street past signs, into stores... everywhere... No dogs, No running, No skateboards, No fishing, No Cell Phones, No Weapons, No Smoking, No Turns, No Parking, No No No No No...

I step into the place I work; "Have this done by 9:30. When you're finished come find me. I'll give you MORE work."

At the end of the day... Drained of the energy of life I drag myself back out to the bike... climb on... cinch down the helmet... Twist the throttle and roar away from that... but toward another town... People pushing, honking, cutting me off... running me off the road... Stealing the property from my home, stealing the very vehicle on which I sit... Trying to use weapons thinking they'll steal from me directly!

I turn on a radio or a boob tube... or pick up a newspaper or a magazine... or read the propaganda signs littering every intersection, and half the roadside between... and I have bureaucrats promising an easy life... if I surrender a bit more of that one thing that is the ONLY thing On This Earth... that is of ANY Value...

Everywhere... in this supposedly "Evolved" soh-sigh-uh-Tee... at EVERY turn... is someone with a Plan... someone with an Agenda... someone grabbing on to what ain't his with the intent of turning it to His/Her benefit... with... or... without... the co-operation of the true Owner of "That what ain't his". More often than not in this civilized soh-sigh-uh-tee... any co-operation that is gained is only the result of coercion, deceit and the fatigue of the beaten down... too tired to resist the unending abuse any more...

Now... from that dark, choking, reeking, cess pool of misdirected human endeavor... My wheels, 10 on the rig or the Two on the Scooter! roll me out into the bright sunshine... and put me on a road that leads to...

*Freedom Road*

 Wanders in... By God it Revels in...


It's talked about how some folks roll for a few months... or a few years... and then stand there one day, hands in their pockets... looking up and down the beach...

Looking North they say; "Been that way." Looking south they say; "Been that way... I'm bored. Is THIS all there is? I thought there'd be More."

Huh? Not Really?!!!

What that is... is the vestiges... the yet unhealed scars of a grasping, commanding, demanding, cannibalistic, parasitizing human so-sigh-uh-tee.

From the time folks discard their diapers, they stand on their own two feet and begin taking the orders and commands of ALL those around them... to sacrifice their lives for the GREATER ??? good...to be beaten down if they stray from the commanded, expected route.

They grow up learning that until you are told what to do... you Don't Know... you aren't smart enough, talented enough, wealthy enough... and besides that... you don't have the RIGHT to live your own life. Your life belongs to US! It is for the Greater??? good! and to say otherwise means you are a sociopath best locked up and discarded if we can not rehabilitate you!

The end result? When, by some great and joyous combination of events they achieve that True Glory of FREEDOM!... they are fully un-equipped to do anything with it. Because... they've been Inculcated with the BullS&%T... for their entire lives that they must have "Guidance" to do ANYTHING!


Just what have you seen the Guiders do that has ever amounted to anything worth while?

The only Guidance you will EVER need is right between your ears... and equal amounts reside in your Heart and in your SOUL.

*NEVER... Fear to Climb the Mountain... Fear the Valley that Never Strives*

ALL you need to do... is open up those receptacles and dip into the precious treasure you've been carrying around, Unknown... Your Entire Life! When you hear the whispers of that little demon that's been covertly planted in your head by so-sigh-uh-tee, telling you; See? They lied! It's all for nothing...

... take a hammer... and bludgeon that carnivorous little maggot! It has NEVER been for Nothing... You Now, for the First Time in Your LIFE... Have FREEDOM! What you do with it... For the FIRST TIME IN YOUR LIFE... is tee totally up to you. The only thing you have left to conquer... is FEAR.

OK... The nut of this windy sermon is this...

If you find yourself on a beach... and think you've only got left or right, and you've been there before... Close your eyes... take a deep slow breath... and look inside your own soul.

What... if you could snap your fingers and make it be... Would you be doing?

Think not of the cost in dollars... nor the cost in sweat... nor the risk... nor any other obstructing tool so-sigh-uh-tee has conditioned you to chain your self to IT with...

Think ONLY of your Joy. What would YOU BE DOING... if all the interferences of de-volving so-sigh-uh-tee were removed.

Now... THAT... is your Objective. The ONLY thing that makes any sense to pursue. Finding the way to get from where you are... to WHAT YOU WOULD BE DOING... is what should occupy your day and consume your energies. (In fact it's a strange defiance of physics; that consuming that energy in the pursuit of your passion actually compounds your energy!)

*A Beach worth Walking Again :) *

If... you find yourself "Traveling" with others... fine... but... that is only socializing... and carries the heavy danger of rapidly falling back into so-sigh-uh-tee... Socializing is good... I don't promote hermitages... But... allowing ANYONE to have power, or exercise "influence" over the choices and options of your life is like saying that Some Cancer is Good.

As always... my Opinions are Free... So you get what you pay for! ;)


Ed, Carol and Gopher the dog said...

"I walk down the street past signs, into stores... everywhere... No dogs, No running, No skateboards, No fishing, No Cell Phones, No Weapons, No Smoking, No Turns, No Parking, No No No No No..."

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign
Blockin' out the scenery, breakin' my mind
Do this, don't do that, can't you read the sign?

And the sign said anybody caught trespassin' would be shot on sight
So I jumped on the fence and-a yelled at the house, "Hey! What gives you
"To put up a fence to keep me out or to keep mother nature in"
"If God was here he'd tell you to your face, Man, you're some kinda sinner"


Teri said...

I think those in the group that are thinking of boondocking together are doing it because they are SINGLE. You are not single and may not understand why they want to spend some time with another human being, as you said, you don't think we should be hermits. Give them a chance to try this out and see what happens. I am a widow, being a widow is not a path or part of my life that I have chosen, but I have to find the best way to live with it. Sometimes we need interaction with others or we will become hermits.

KarenInTheWoods said...

(Ed, Carole and Gophe--- LOVE that song!)

I think the people who take a vacation, for a week, and get out of their environment and see what is out there, they get scared... and rush back to their homes and schedules and signs and rules.

But I find that when we are in our rig, we are SO CLOSE to the outdoors... we look out and decide to take a walk, to see things, to sit out in a lawn chair enjoying a campfire or the peace and quiet. Being solared up and big tanks allows us to boondock and enjoy the country. We are more connected to the outdoors when we are in our rig... Sure, for now, we are in the house till it sells, (hopefully soon) but we are not as "connected" to the outdoors like we are in the rig.

When I close my eyes, I see how we live differently when in the rig, and soon it will be all of the time.

How long that will last, I don't know. But for now, we do enjoy our natural settings when we boondock and relish the "NO FEES, NO RULES, NO BOUDARIES" thing.

I find then I have time to sit and create and knit or spin or weave in peace. Ahhhhhhhhh

Karen and Steve
(Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

Anonymous said...

Got a copy of the Good Book in your rig you can spend some time with? That would help find some answers you're looking for, I'm sure! Yes,you'll find a boss, the real one, there!
Help you enjoy the beauties of nature you could enjoy more, too!!