Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Gettin' Up into the High Country... Goin' Down the Road

So. there's two ways over the mountain from our camp, if you want to get from our camp near Mancos...  and up to Montrose. One east... one west.

You could run east a few miles turn north and roll straight up 550 out of Durango... climbing over Coal Bank, Molas and Red Mountain passes. 

Well... since we ran that way twice, up and back, just last week... I chose the less direct, western route. It's not a new road to us, been on it many times before. Sometimes, I like it even more.

The scenery changes with each season... in the fall... you damn near need welding glasses, the colors are so deep and full and bright in the sun.

From our old camp east of Mancos we turned off 160 making a left hook up 184, swinging right on 145 at Dolores then just past Placerville we swung right again, completing the hook to Ridgway.

*The High Rockies near Ridgway*

 That's where we linked back up with 550 and turned back  North West and rolled to our Night Camp at the La Posado de Walmart resort in Montrose! ;)

Along the way is another high pass... This one known as Lizard Head.

Somewhere along in there I spotted a wide spot in a likely place and spur of the moment... decided I was hungry. I smoked the binders and pulled the rig off for a High Mountain Lunch.

I'll tell you... if it wasn't for commitments and chores stackin' up on the front range... I'm kinda doubtful the rig would have made it all the way to Montrose this evening! :)

My gutline might have been better off for it too! I never thought the High Lonesome could be the cause of a Puss Gut! That run over the mountain had me feeling pretty shiny, which had me volunteering a budget busting supper at the Chilis across the street from the Wally World Resort!

Grilled Salmon and Shrimp, and a Good beer! :)... finished up with a shared plate of a Molten Chocolate Heart attack on a plate... sweet enough to tighten your belt enough to choke off your breath... if I'd not been smart enough to leave it off!

Tomorrow when we continue our roll a lil' farther east... We're hunting a camp for our Daughter and Grandkids to join us for a few days... and Hopefully their Dad if he can cut himself loose from the job for a bit.

High Lonesome, Family... and a Big Red Motorcycle... Shining Times... and who the hell cares if the budget looks a lot like that fraying cable holding the Hero suspended above the raging waters of the river far below! :)

Why worry? I can't swim worth a damn anyhoo!

I'm Feelin' and Urge for Wild and Wooly

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Bill said...

I'm glad you got a "good beer" . Bad beer is not good.