Monday, May 7, 2012

Day Trippin' on a Yamaha from our Boondock Camp

When I looked at that smartphone I pay too much for... the weather man was threatening some wet weather in the coming week. Sunday looked to be the last he was mostly promising sunny skies, so we rolled the Raider up Hwy 550 from our camp outside of Mancos (6 miles or so).

Our goal was Ouray and our Good Friends Mark and Bobbie, who as always proved their superiority to yours truly as hosts... ;) I even got a portrait taken that could fool folks into seein' me as ok to take out in public!

The road bikers, the sort where you grunt and sweat and pump the pedals to move, were heavy all the way to Silverton.  Even raced one down the hill into town... I won! ;)

But whose the nutcase huh? The guy on the 113 cubic inch, two wheeled, asphalt pounder? orrrrrr the guy in his tight lil' shorts, and a plastic skull cap... pushin' his bicycle on its paper thin tires, about the width of a pencil eraser, and brakes that aren't nuthin' but a couple of rubber blocks squeezin' his rims... down that mountain at 40+ miles an hour?!!! :)

I can say... it's a lot easier to pass that horde of health nuts... if you're on two wheels yourself! Especially if you've got a Yamaha V-Twin mill shovin' your cute lil' senior butt up the mountain.

I did get quivers of feelin' a lil' puny though... up at the roadside on top of Coal Bank Pass...

Here's all those pedal pumpers in their tight lil' shorts and short sleeves standing around in the sunshine when I pulled up needful of some quality time in the outhouse...

I climb off the bike and start unzipping, un buttoning, un fastening, un doing... I think Eight Layers of fleece, insulated vest and long johns... to get down to ME... so I can ... uh ... take care of... uh ... biological necessities!

Makes a guy feel kinda wimpy! :)

Till you stop and realize... one guy there was braggin' that he'd made 7.1 miles per hour on his climb!

Well, let me tell ya gurls! The weather changes at 65 mph! :)

Which kinda reminds me... A fashion note... girls and good lookin' matronly gals can do fine in those spandex shorts... they actually decorate the scenery ;).... but... it's just my opinion now; Chicken legged, bony kneed, pot bellied pusgutts, of the male persuasion... with most their hair missin' and a long way from their masculine prime... should seriously consider... uh ... a lil' more in the way of biological Camouflage!

Guys! Listen up! Sweatin' up the mountain in that Spandex is NOT a benefit to your Image! ;) Just sayin'.

I dont' think the train is running yet... leastways not all the way to Silverton... takes 'em some time to get the snow cleared out... and I don't want to even think 'bout riding that narrow gauge rattler over that section that hangs on the face of a sheer cliff!... with SNOW still covering the tracks!

You look out the window and can't see ANYTHING under that Steamer... just lots and lots of DOWN!

Way... Way... DOWN! :)

We'll be hanging here for a while yet I believe. Just saw a comment by a gal that lives in the area (if you make the "area" a 100 mile radius from her porch) we're sorta planning on hanging 'round this summer...

While it might be raining in Denver... it's a couple inches of snow on her car...

So... we'll let Ol' Sol get caught up with his labors for a bit 'fore we move much farther north.

Got home from Day trippin' on the Yamaha to one of those nice soft sunsets...

A good day... though... that's kind of an Oxymoron... ANY day on two wheels is a Great Day! :)

Makin' do the best I can


Spotted Dog Ranch: said...

Oh boy, I do know that stretch of track you're referencing. I always sit on that side (the right side when you leave Durango, left for Silverton) so I can look down at the nothing and scare myself to death. :)

Janna and Mike said...

You sometimes want to ask those folks to whom you are referring, "did you look in the mirror before you went outside today??"

Box Canyon Blogger said...

good to see you guys!!
mark and bobbie

Anonymous said...

Great post, I admire the writing style :) A little off topic here but what theme are you using? Looks pretty cool.

Brian said...

Anon; Just found the comment hidden in spam... Sometimes that works, and sometimes it don't!

It's just the "Simple" Template in a three column format... and then I Built the Header Bar image. Sometimes the "Fancy" themes get too "Busy"... often Simple is nicer.

and Thanks! I like it too! ;)