Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I May be a Bucket Mouth... But I'm a Poor Interviewer!

I'm curious and ever watchful of the folks around me coming and going... But I guess... to be a good interviewer you've also got to be a bit "Nosey"... asking questions and being bold in poking into other folks "Business". :)

It might not seem like it... but I am actually a pretty private bucket mouth. Though I'm not often what could be called Quiet, hangin' ALL my "laundry" out in front of the world is a pretty tough thing for me to do. So... pokin' and proddin' folks for their story is just not a task I'm good at.

... and so... on to the poor interview...

... A "young" couple pulled in to our Goosenecks State Park/BLM camp combo (that info Fresh from Diane!) last night straddling the storm deck of a Ural Motorcycle Sidecar rig. A lot of folks commonly call 'em a Hack... OK... Maybe this pair has passed on by being twenty-Somethings... But... They've got fewer miles on 'em than my wore out old carcass!... and that makes 'em a Young Couple! :)

Some folks call 'em Uralistas! :)

*A Russian Ural Motorcycle Sidecar Rig - A "Hack" *

I finally invaded their camp this morning as they were loading up and makin' ready to hit the road.

They're out of upstate New York. Flew to Seattle to pick up their new Ural Hack and are in the middle of the long ride home to the East Coast... by way of the southland deserts...

Though... after pushing the hack through the wind across the Nevada desert he opined that he'd not complain if a few mountain meadows crossed their path... He was a mite weary of basting on the Seat of his sidecar scooter in the desert heat! ;) and she thought a lil' less sand and a bit more vegetation would be nice.

What makes me a poor interviewer is... The only information I ever get is pretty much what's offered. Though I'm curious to know... I'm reticent to ask... I tend toward trying to leave openings for folks to simply offer up what they want to put out. I failed to even ask their names. "He" mentioned that he'd been posting their story on the Adventure Riders forum... so I managed to find that link above. :)

Did you LOOK at that picture of the Ural?... Did you notice the background? Talk about a comparison of extremes... See the bus on the right side? With the smaller white Motorhome behind it?

From a Motorcycle with a side car... To a Great Big Bus... Pulling another Motorhome as their Toad! Really! That RoadTrek Sitting behind the Big Rig Motorhome... is their Toad! :)

Quite a lil' difference 'twixt the two of 'em ain't there? Opposite ends of the Road Rig Teeter Totter. I've sure been seeing the whole spectrum of ways of going the past few weeks... From Scooters to RV Road Trains. :)

Kinda nice to know that there's the right sort of rig for pretty much any drifter out there... The thing is... giving a curious Old Soldier Cowboy Biker Gypsy Rounder... so many options is NOT the way you're gonna help him make any choices! :)

I'll take one of each! ha ha!

Well... we made our run over the Road? through Monument Valley yesterday... that story is coming... along with what you might want to NOT do... if YOU are gonna make that circle. ;)

Yup... That's right. I done what a sensible person likely wouldn't, and one more time... got away with it... But then... Learning/doing things the hard way seems to be my standard operating pro-cedure don't it? I just wish I could remember all those things I keep learning... it would make life a LOT easier on that old truck of ours!

We did get a few decent photos of the Monument Valley country. My signal here is so slow it's taking forever to get pics uploaded though... and today in a bit we're gonna run the Moki Dugway/Valley of the Gods area. So... I'll be adding quite a few more pics to what I'll want to upload...

It may end up having to wait till we get to better signal to catch up... if the Cellular Gods don't relent and let my photos enter the big Photo "Cloud" in the sky! :)

We'll be moving on tomorrow I think... need to get to a place with the correct variety of bank to deal with some of that 21st century nonsense... So it looks like we'll be poking into the south west corner of Colorady some time tomorrow afternoon.

Living and Learning in the American West


klbexplores said...

Not only do I have to do it the hard way, I have to do it wrong a few times before I catch on. Unfortunately I am with you on this one....

Spotted Dog Ranch: said...

Colorady - LOL. My dad used to call it that, and he lived there almost his entire life, from age 6 to 85, except he pronounced it Colarady.

You're in some mighty beautiful country down there. As for me, I'll take one of each, too.

Thom Hoch said...

Brian, I guess this qualifies as a fulltimer's "near miss". We were at Goosenecks just a few days ago. By the looks of your photos, maybe in the same site!

It's one of those places where sleepwalkers don't last long.