Sunday, March 18, 2012

Three Steps Forward Two Steps Back...

... And then... with SNAP! and PRECISION!... you make a Military "RIGHT FACE! Forwaaaaard... MARCH!"

Have ya'll ever had to quit something? or someone even? Ever had to simply force yourself to just, Turn Away from something/someone you really wish you could fix or change?

If you have you know what a tough road that is to walk. As steep and rocky a trail as you ever could find. The fact that turning away is the right thing to do, makes it not one bit easier. You just hate to quit. Losing leaves a bad taste in you mouth.

You try to walk away but, keep turning back thinking; "If I give it one more try, if I make one more run at it, with this new Lil' tweak, I can fix this. I can make it right. I can finally get it done."

Yeah? Me too. ;) Sorry... It just ain't so.

The sad truth is... some things, some people, some "Projects" you want to force into success are pure and simple - Lost Causes. No matter how much you work at it... You ain't changing the Laws of Physics. That is what makes 'em Lost Causes. They are defined by the Physics involved and THOSE are immutable.

???? I know... those big words hurt my lil' pea wit too.

... and now you can make sense of some of my recent Lost Cause foray attempting one more time to change soh-sigh-uh-tee's thinking as regards Liberty and politics. :)

It is what it is... and changing it just ain't in the cards...

So... one more time... I wander back into the wilds of the western states... seeking my solitude and pleasures where ever they might be found... and leave the lost causes stuffed in a box,way up high on a dusty shelf in a locked closet... hoping the key remains lost in the creek where I threw it.

... of course, come Tuesday morning that solitude is gonna likely be a lil' scarce for a few days as we do a bit of work to replenish our meager coffers transporting RVers at the Good Sam Rally...

Then... (afteranother lost cause effort :) at the dentist in early april) we haven't decided yet...which way we're gonna be working north this year... or... how wide this season's yondering circle is gonna be.

It'll be either a left hook though Utah to Denver or a right hook through New Mexico... of course... I might wake up on departure morning, find myself sitting at a crossroads and on the spur of the moment make it a straight jab right into Colorado. :)

As for the summer... fuel seems to be a high topic of conversation amongst full timers of late. Many are talking about making ever longer stays, and not going as far to stretch their fuel dollars. We've talked the same. It's on the board to stay farther south... only go as far as southern Wyoming, Utah and Colorado this summer...

... Now that's not a real hurtful thing is it? I mean... as we've been hurrying over the years to get OUT of Colorado to go see something... other folks have been streaming IN from New York, France... even NEW JERSEY! :) to see the sights of Colorado! :)

I've got so many projects sitting on the "shelf" waiting for attention... it might could be that a few less miles and a lil' more diligence would shorten up my "to do list"... but again... I speak of Lost Causes... ;)

From the Snowies out west of Laramie to the Maroon Bells in Colorado... to the San Juan Mountains farther south... there's plenty of country right close to the kids to keep us busy and out of trouble for a summer or thirty!

But, as always... none of us are gonna know which way I'll be goin' this summer... until I'm pulling back into winter camp this November... and can look back to see where I went!

One of the benefits of being a short attention spanned, yondering Cowboy Biker... whatever happens is as new to me as it is to you! :)

I Always Seem to be Wondering... What the Hell Just Happened?!! :)
...or... What the Hell is About to?!!!


Box Canyon said...

see you in Colorado, eventually. we'll go four wheelin again :))

Siobhan said...


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Thanks and have a great day!