Friday, March 16, 2012

Back to Normal Programing... or.. The Usual Disjointed Rambling...

Whichever way you look at it.

So... continuing my journey, and leaving the most recent troll behind, as helpful as he was ;) We'll be Hauling out in a few days headed back to PIR to work the Good Sam Rally.

We were to leave Monday...but... Heidi has been so busy with some stone work at the Quartzsite gem and mineral club that it's looking like we'll hang another 12 hours or so and be ready to leave bright and dusty Tuesday morning.

There's near a week of work there and then our winter time in the Arizona lowlands grows short. It'll be down to a couple of weeks.

We'd just go ahead and hitch and go... but I have to hold up for some limited dental work the first week of April at the "teaching clinic"... Been waiting on that with three visits, with nothing done yet... since before Christmas.

What Can I say... My adventure with the Dental Teaching clinic has not been a real productive experience...

Sometimes I think I'd just be better off to have what's left of the ivories just yanked out and subsist on oatmeal and beer! :) Just think of the toothpaste, brushes and dental floss I'd save to boot!

sheesh... after all the time spent at the "University" clinic... and them finally coming up with a fairly heft bill of Work to be done... NOW, they say they won't do any but a small part of some "Critical" drilling... until after I have had braces to straighten 'em up.

Uh? Say What?

59 worn out years old... Teeth are pretty much down to the "Wear Bars" ;) and they think I'm gonna spring for braces? With the junk I've got for grinders?

That's kinda like hiring a painter to shine up a house... that's so ate up with termites that it's being torn down tomorrow!... Or you total your car so you put new tires on it before it's carried off to the scrap heap... I don't think so. :)

So... maybe... I'll get this critical stuff done... and then maybe... give one of those Mexican Oral mechanics across the border from Yuma a crack at some patchwork in the fall.

Or... There is another alternative. I've got a set of channel locks out in the tool box... ;) UH..."Grab on to this one right here Heidi!" :)

Now it's Back to whatever it was I was doin'

I prefer dangerous Liberty to peaceful Slavery -Thomas Jefferson


BamaGurl said...

Good luck with that school thing. I tried that 2 years ago and after 26 xrays in 2 days and just a patch job I ended up at an oral surgeon and had the 2 removed. It might be ok to go to the school for haircutting but I've not had much luck with dentistry. Hope u fair better. And thx for the posts....keep em coming. Gives me hope that maybe we can turn this country around, one person at a time.

Janna and Mike said...

Brian, I've (Janna) had lots of dental work done in Algodones and Nogales--no problems with either but probably think Algodones is safer these days.