Monday, March 19, 2012

I Ride Toward the Light

Out here... In the beauty that No Man Owns... The Chains of a grasping world rust away... All I can hear is the rain on the roof... and the wind in the Palo Verde Trees.

*To See the Glorious Light After A Storm, you must live outside sheltered Walls*

There is some sort of misconception that gets muttered when someone pulls up stakes and rides away, leaving the "accepted" ways behind. Be ready for it if you contemplate leaving kith and kin these days. Whether you do it by RV, Motorcycle or a Shanks mare Journey to unshackle your spirit... If you speak of seeking your Freedom you're going to hear; "But, What about Us?"

You've not the right to live as you choose... if others are not yet done with you.

It's often said, too often since it is a fabrication, that such leavers are trying to "escape"... Trying to run away from their problems and even their responsibilities.

Yeah? Well... yes and no.

If running from those who seek to chain you by deceit and derision, to their service, is "Running Away" then Running I am. But I think they miss the reality of how those like me think.

I run from no man.

We, us gypsies of the road, run From nothing... and Toward everything. We run toward the Liberty and Freedom that is our Birthright and away from the blind servitude that has always served man poorly, no matter what peculiar brand it might be.

Some are trained to serve the emperor, the king, the fatherland... The party...the president... the country. In modern times they are getting more clever and more devious... and simply label it a duty to society.

I serve No man. My duty is to family and friend.

That one man could conceive of the idea that he has the right to think for, decide for or own any or all of another is a thought beyond noxious. If you object to the usurpation of your Human right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, you are labeled selfish at the least... and often you will be ridiculed with grievous obscenities... even tormented with wished for scenarios of your demise, as if that was some legitimate form of debate.

I say to such as those... go... leave me be, I have no time for that.

I know for myself I make no effort to shirk responsibility. I never have. But the responsibility I seek is for my own life. I ask this for myself and require it of those around me. Be responsible. Have the courage to accept the consequences of Life and enjoy the fruits of your faith in your own intelligence and creativity.

That as I see it is the most honorable and valuable pursuit in life. To be the best person you can be. To live your life on your own two feet. To be measured, at the party that celebrates your life when that life is done, as a person who could be relied on when things got dark... who always found a laugh when the load got heaviest... A person who ran headlong at life and never looked back.

... and spit in the Devils eye as he kicked open the gates of hell.

Out here on the land that belongs to no one there are no free rides. There is no absence of responsibility. Liberty does not erase duty or responsibility. The responsibility is to live a true and honorable life. To take what you need and leave the rest. To make the world you pass through better for your having been.

What is right is not to worship the land but to honor it and husband it as the gift it is. What is right is to respect the rights of those I share this earth with, while requiring that they respect mine. What is right is to live my life in a manner that, to the best of my ability places no demands or burdens on others. What is right is to accept that my rights end at the moment I try to demand the sacrifice of others for my benefit.

For me, what is Right... is the sure and certain knowledge that the loss of Liberty is the loss of any value in breathing... and that a duty of those who live in Liberty, is to fight for those who can't.

Slavery does not require visible chains. It requires only force. If force, physical or coercive, is applied to impose one mans values on another, than he who has been imposed on, is enslaved. Pure and simple.

I accept that there are timid souls who cannot, will not sail out into the raging and fearful storm of a Life lived in Liberty; Not when they can remain in the sheltered harbor of their Masters house. If that is an existence with which they can reconcile their hearts, that is their choice. I possess no magic elixir that can heal such frailty of the spirit.

However, those timid souls need to understand, simply because they haven't the courage to sail on such a glorious sea they are granted no proper Right or Authority to obstruct those that do.

I say to all who will listen, to all for whom Liberty is more precious than life; Men and Women Who admire Honor and Freedom are welcome at my fire any time.

Come, sit, fill your cup and we'll laugh in the Shining Liberty of the Mountains.

Life Can be Joyous... if You Let it Breathe 


BamaGurl said...

So well said! I wish I had your gift of speech for you say much of what I think...somehow it loses something when I begin to explain. lol Thank u for another good post!

BamaGurl said...

So well said! I wish I had your gift of speech for you say much of what I think...somehow it loses something when I begin to explain. lol Thank u for another good post!

Box Canyon Blogger said...

Spoken like a true travel'in preacher man... who needs a church building :))
Now, that shaft of light photo, you need to email it to me so I can render it in paint. It would make a fine watercolor... if I get it right :((

Brian said...

I wish it was "speech"... They come to me when I have time to see the words, and opportunity to "edit" ;)

Mark I'll see if Verizon will co-operate :) kinda nice when a guy gets a bit of help to "see the light" :)

Ed said...

One of your better posting Cowboy!