Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Catalina State Park and My Tires...

We got moved over from the overflow area to the main campground at the State Park today. As parks go, this really is a pretty place, especially if you've got business to do in Tucson (Which is Why were stayin' here)

Nice spacious sites... some like ours dry camps and some with water and electric available. There are a pair of dumps available as well as ... ahem! ... showers?

Well... not so much... unless you're one of those Swedish Polar sorts. You know... the ones that come diddy boppin' out of the sauna in their BVD's to go belly floppin' in a snow drift?

Ya see the showers that are supposed to be available... aren't heated, in more ways than one!... It's not like it's cold here... but still, those shower houses aren't heated... and even a hot tempered old twister like me has a lil' trouble not farmin' goose bumps when he's running 'round gettin' wet in his birthday suit and it's only 55 degrees or so inside that brick building! ;)

The other interesting fact I noted was that the water don't appear to be heated! I found the button you punch that turns the water on for a "Timed" period... and I know my eyes aren't what they used to be... but... I couldn't see the knobs that are normally there to adjust the water temp! :) uh... I held my hand under the stream for some lil' while...

... and the water that came out never changed from "I'm not about to stick my tender parts under THAT water!" Cool! :)

So... I guess I'll not be conserving my grey water tank using the State Showers the next few days! ;)

Don't know how many check the comments... but Judy caught me apparently makin' a goof about how old a Saguaro has to be to grow an arm. I'd thought it was a hundred years... she corrected that to fifty... Uh... I guess it was that second beer while I was writin' the post... had me seein' double! :)

and a lil' bit of chicken cluckin' here... I decided when doin' some tool and tire ordering to pull back from settin' up a complete tire servicing setup for myself. For the time being I've just equipped with the hoist I needed to lift the bike off the ground to allow me to pull the wheels.

That drops the labor charge for a tire swap of a pair of tires by seventy five bucks and more in the higher priced shops!

I'll do that part for a bit... just the dismounting and remounting the wheels... and let a bike shop swap the tires on the wheels and do the balancing...  I decided, considering the cost of decent equipment and the issue of figuring out where to store those tools on the rig that maybe I should take this one step at a time. :)

Yeah I know... Brian actually applyin' rational thought to a problem? Damn... that's the first sign of old age ain't it? Well... so much for my Peter Pan syndrome... that's ok... spurs and chaps don't mix well with green tights.

Gettin' Ready to Wrench on the Bike in the Desert...
as soon as Fed Ex delivers the tires


Grace said...

I've heard so many different stories as to how long it takes a Saguaro to grow an arm that I had to check Wikipedia. How about a compromise ;-)

"They take up to 75 years to develop a side arm."

Either way, the ones in your photos are old and absolutely stunning!

Tell Heidi I said that she gives Sherry Serifini a run for her money and also to enjoy the Tucson Gem Show. You both have made me think that beading's a good pastime for RVin' so I'm working on my second bracelet now and really enjoying it!

Grace (Heidi's fan in Tucson) OK, I enjoy your scribbles, too!

Brian said...

Thanks Grace, you mean the buggers aren't on a strict schedule? :) compromise accepted! ;)

... and Heidi said; "That's so nice! That is a really big compliment!" :)

Joe said...

Green tights chaps and spurs.. Thats a mental image thats going to take sometime to purge from my brain pan! :)

Grace said...

You're welcome! I'm way on the east side of Tucson (on the other side of those huge mountains you're looking at) or I'd come and look you up. Maybe our paths will cross when we get out there RVing in a couple years. Until then... I'll be following along and learning how to make beautiful bead embroidery. :-)