Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Rocky Trails... Desert Sheep and Montana Agates

Life in the desert... even with me snapping in two without warning and running off on some unexpected tangent every once in a while... is pretty slow and easy.

Lots of miles walking rocky desert trails searching for those elusive Desert Bighorns, who continue to elude us... Miles on the Raider, splittin' the wind...

... and lots of time for me sitting at my lil' machine here, stringin' words together.

The end result is that by the time spring comes 'round I'm rarin' and itchy to roll! ;)

While I string my words between "Episodes" of... uh ... Being me... Heidi's been spending her time with her Art... She takes pearls, glass beads, Swarovski Crystals, semi-precious cabochons and other precious bits and using what they call Bead Embroidery shapes all those pieces into Fine Art Jewelry for those a mite more fashionable than this Ol' Twister.

*Bead Embroidery Fine Art in the Making*

This is the latest piece coming along...

Her art fits into our rig and our ways pretty well... and you'll not see much better any where! ;)  She's created quite a few nice pieces in the past few months... and has been having discussions with a few stores 'round the west 'bout Teaching Bead Embroidery next summer... Ah the life of an Artist in Demand huh? :)

*Fine Art Beaded Jewelry by Heidi*

We call this black piece the "Harley Bracelet" ... :) Can you guess why?

*The One of a Kind Harley Bracelet*

This Copper one, she used a Montana Agate for the Centerpiece... It's a pretty thing ain't it?

*Montana Agate Bracelet*

I'm not one for wearin' much jewelry myself... uh ... I don't look real good in bracelets... and I get the WRONG response anyhoo... ;) but the Gals who wear such pieces look awful fine!

I really need to get that Gallery built for her Art Jewelry that I promised her... ah.... one more thing on my list of work to get done... and uh oh... another tangent! ;)

*Bead Embroidery Fine Art Pendants*

I'm trying to get caught up enough on My Word Art ;) to pull out my tools and shape myself a Tooled Leather Cover for my Kindle... something with a reading light, a pretzel bowl and a beer cooler sounds about right... don't it?

Have to hook up and drag over to the county park in Bouse today... the tanks are full and need some relief. So, if I'm to get those chores done... I best move along.

Keeping Things Moving in the Desert


Shadowmoss said...

Absolutely beautiful pieces. When we get around to sharing that cup of coffee around the campfile I might just have to make one of her pieces my own.

lostAnnfound said...

Very beautiful pieces!

Box Canyon Blogger said...

Great work, Heidi!!!

Gaelyn said...

Heidi's bead work produces marvelous wearable art. I'll bet she's spending some time in Quartzsite to stock up on supplies. Going next week myself.

Marcia G. said...

Nice jewelry! And you sound like you're mighty proud of her skills, too. Has she given any thought to selling her jewelry at or other online stores for handmade works of art? I understand their prices are better and fairer than eBay. In any case, it's a wonderful gift and seems like you've made it possible to take along quite a few of her supplies. Good for you!

Janna and Mike said...

Those are just absolutely stunning pieces! I love them!!!

lostAnnfound said...

How about combining your leather and her beads and making one awesome Kindle cover? If you're taking orders, let me know...I got one for Christmas, too! :)

KarenInTheWoods said...


Karen and Steve
(Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

Grace said...

Heidi's work is absolutely amazing! I've looked before on your site and been disappointed not to find a link to her creations. She's VERY talented!

Anonymous said...

Grace and others; My bad! ;) We've got plans to build a little gallery on here somewhere, and link that to an Easy Gallery for those who might want to purchase a piece. Her art led her to open her Bead Store and now she's gone full circle and wants to return to the Art

beadknot said...

Absolutely beautiful pieces.