Friday, January 13, 2012

Houston... We Have a Problem...

You get up in the cold of the mornin' to make coffee and take care of a few "other" chores... you push the lil' red button in the littlest room in the rig, expecting the brrrrrrrzzzzzzzzzp! of the pump pressuring up...

... only all you get is......................

Uh Oh... Yep. I know most folks are gonna say; "We blew the water pump yesterday" or some such... but... can you really say that when all you got was.............. and maybe one lil' brrp! when you hit the pump switch ? :)

So rather than goin' an' doin' what we were gonna... we made a run into Q to find a fresh pump... and yesterday early evening was spent wrasslin' it into place through the tiny lil' hole the "Engineers" at Jayco left a guy to do such maintenance and repairs thru.

Nothing like trying to do a three handed job with but one arm stuck blind through a lil' hole in the wall while your body is wrapped around the toilet like a crippled octopus!

I swear, all engineers must have to pass a; How To Make RV and Automotive Repairs and Maintenance As Difficult As Possible 101 course before they can graduate.

Kind of like the attorneys that take their responsibility to ensure honor and fairness, promote integrity and argue the facts and twist them into warp any fact, tell any tale, fabricate any story, deny any truth and assassinate anyone's character, if it will free your client from responsibility.

Ahhhh... the old pussgut cowboy biker sounds kinda grumpy this morning dont' he? yeah... well I was Supposed to be writing this post last night... dang... missed it again! But I'm tellin' ya... after all the contortions a bent up and busted up worn out ol' spine had to make to get the RV Water Pump back in... I wasn't feelin' the love... Know What I mean? ;)

Never counted on that to slow down my mental ricocheting around here!

This continues to be a good camp. Some folks have come and gone from around us... the ground over on Plomosa Road is filling with rigs... here we're still in pretty nice solitude...

We keep trying to find our Desert Bighorns... striking out around the mountain at different times, trying to stumble onto their schedule... so far to nothing but views of the mountain at different times.

*Peak of the Plomosa Mountains*

This was where we found 'em skylined last spring... so far this year, No Joy. Other than fine time in the far out and open desert.

I try to zoom in and make sure I'm not missin' 'em layin' quiet out in the open... but I'm confident, they're either hidin' better, or, they aren't even on this mountain right now.

It's possible I expect that they migrate around quite a bit. Might have to wait for 'em to move in here sometime later.

It's nice though, walking in shirt sleeves... ok... Two shirt sleeves, in January. :) The sunsets haven't been what anyone could call spectacular, but pretty is still ok. Maybe, if I'm feeling a bit flighty, like a banjo string wrapped a turn too tight... soft and easy sunsets is a better thing. ;)

Then we turned around and started back down the trail to try and avoid walking the couple miles back to the rig in the dark... and you see another soft little view laid out in front of you...

We're walking along looking at the sunlit town of Bouse, miles away across the desert... and then it went out. It's like there's a lighting guy here in the desert. The sun sinks behind the ridges and the light turns off like he'd flipped a switch...

If you're not paying attention... you miss those few seconds of just simple purty.

That's the trick around here though... see the nice little pieces hidden in the Big Picture... which you have to slow your self down to spot... :) a lesson my split personalities have to relearn all the dang time.

Chores to get done today... The flea markets are filling up in Quartzsite and a supply run needs to be made today or tomorrow... so not rest for the wicked... which means I've got some overtime to attend to! ;)

Making Do  on the Desert


Anonymous said...

Even a bad water pump ain't so bad with surroundings like that. Beautiful!

Gaelyn said...

Thank goodness you weren't too far away from parts. RVs are not meant to be worked on by the owners. It's a rule, don't you know.

Brian said...

flyfish; Yeah, it kinda cools a guy down pretty quick :)

Gaelyn; Rules? Cowboy Bikers don't need no Stinkin' RULES! ... and uh... we're not so good at followin' 'em neither! :)

Janna and Mike said...

Yep, Mike agrees with you after having to pull the engine in the Ford dually in order to get to the injectors--either the engine or the cab--now what was Ford thinking???? Nice photos of our former "home."

Paul said...

Brian, I simpafize wif ya.

For the past 3 days, I've been working on the exhaust on my ol' truck. A year and a half ago, I unbolted it like it had been put together the day before (it's a 97 Ford) but now, I can't touch a bolt without it breaking.

Then, there are all the spaces I seem to need an extra joint on my arms, or for my fingers to bend back the opposite direction, to get to something.

This just ain't as much fun as it used to be!