Thursday, January 19, 2012

Open the gates and let the RVers Zoo in the Desert Begin!

Back in December, before I made the run to Denver for Christmas, I broke a tooth. Never a good thing. But, I got told of a Dentistry school here in Phoenix that you can go to so I got in there pretty quick for the first visit. 'course, dentistry being what it is... they don't ever actually fix anything that first trip. :)

... generally it ain't till the second or third visit they actually start pourin' concrete! They'd told me that I had to get approved first. They needed to make sure there was some opportunity for the "Student Dentists" to learn something from working on me...

... uh... apparently, there's no shortage of educational opportunity, for a tooth carver, in my mouth :) I got approved! I swear I heard a cash register ringin' somewhere.

Well, today, the 19th of January, I had another visit on the schedule. I set the alarms... all three of 'em, to make dang sure at least one had enough battery to make it till morning. We rolled out of bed at "Oh Damn it's dark! and hit the road at 5:45 bound from Quartzsite to Glendale.

Woulda made it too... if I'd left maybe five minutes earlier.

Got 'bout half way, was 'bout 7 a.m. and the traffic on I-10 stopped. I mean not moving, goin' nowhere in the dark... Stopped cold.

Took us quite a while as we sat there watching the sunrise to find out that a Professional Driver? Had rolled his Double Bottom semi, hauling some variety of Hazardous Cargo and had it laying across both lanes of the interstate.

Not quite sure what a Pro has to do to roll a truck on an arrow straight road... but this bozo had the talent!

The truck having Hazardous placards... the highway patrol closed BOTH sides of the highway... right after I'd passed the last exit to make a detour on... grrrrrrrr.....

Yup... you guessed it. My appointment time came and went as we sat there, trapped on the pavement... enjoying the cup of coffee I'd gotten back in Q, begging for release... for THREE hours...

I was shimmyin' on the seat of that truck like a $3 dollar hooker.

Trapped that is, until my bad attitude got the better of me. As the Highway patrol stood watching I waved good bye, kicked that Raider Loaded Dodge in the tailpipe, spun a U through the median... and rolled back to Q... With my busted tooth... and Raider behind the cab with its' busted Motorcycle tire.

All told, by the time we got back... six hours of sweet desert morning serenity enjoyed... accomplishing absolutely not one brass plated thing... arrrrrrrrrrrgggggghhhhh!

So now I wait... two more weeks... Don't ya love it when everything runs smooth?

Though I seem to be getting a lot of practice, I'm just not getting the hang of this sitting patiently on the interstate. Not when it's all 'cause of folks driving around on it that should be required to get a license just to be passengers! Waited up by Sante Fe poorly... and now, in the Arizona Desert, I'm not improving my Interstate Waiting abilities any ;)

The shows are getting cranked up in this RVers Zoo on the Desert with every sort and kind of rig you can imagine in attendance.

I've seen it all in the last couple of days. A unique, um.... vintage? Motorhome that I hope, I HOPE, I HOPE! is a stationary and permanent fixture in a local RV park!... I swear the only thing that's holding it together are the few strings of paint left on its aluminum siding... along with the multiple, unpainted plywood patches tucked under holes torn in its siding that look like they were cut with a spoon... Oh Yeah baby... Shiny! The thought of meeting up with that RV? on the road... or having it pull in next to you in a forest camp is a scary sort of an idea! :)

Imagine propane lines patched with tightly wrapped pantyhose, coming from gas bottles repaired with duct tape, and a steering wheel made of a pair of vise grips clamped to the steering column... and you get the picture. :)

... and then of course the $million$ dollar plus, Prevost, rubber tired mansion I saw yesterday.

Fifth wheel rigs, pulling cargo trailers tandem, tenters in pickups, tear drops, cabover campers, restored Avions, new Montanas, Pull and fifthwheel toy haulers, Old Winnebagos, C's, B's and Hybrid Semis... it's an interesting mix of rigs and ways of going.

It's a fun place for a couple of weeks...

Gawkin' at the RVers Winter Quartzsite Desert Rendevous


Teri said...

I haven't had the desire yet to go to Q. Don't like traffic and don't like crowds.

Janna and Mike said...

We too wonder at those accidents, in Montana last summer, broad daylight, 2pm, lady in a minivan runs right over the top of an antique Model T on the straight freeway. Antique car was going 45 miles per hour, legal in MT, lady in minivan said she never saw them????? Killed the passenger in the antique car.

Cindy Kingma said...

Great description of your dental woes, Brian. Laughed my head off! Sorry you got stuck in the 3 hour wait and missed the appt. Bet that trucker dude fell other explanation, I'd think. Had that kind of crash to wait out few years back while in Utah on frwy. 2semis head on, burned to pavement. Good thing we had RV's with facilities then! A 3+ hour wait for us, too.

Brian said...

Teri: I don't like the traffic and all, but for a few days I can deal. It's fun to check out the rigs and "new" stuff... Before I go screamin' back to the bush! :)

Janna and Mike: I always thought if you couldn't see a Model T or the headlight of a 750 lb motorcycle, in broad daylight.... That's pretty much a statement that you don't possess the physical requirements for a drivers license!