Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Movin' On and Regulating Voltage of RV Electronics...

It's back to Movin' On sometime tomorrow... We'll make our escape from the Colorado Snow and roll on back to the HOPEFULLY warm Arizona desert. I'll take a day or two gettin' things buttoned up and ready to roll once we get back to the rig... and then it's back out on the quiet desert... somewhere...

... Quiet... ain't That one of those relative terms?... Like, when you're around month old "relatives" for any length of time... quiet comes in reeeeal short stretches. :) That's the benefit of being me I guess... I can fire up the cummins and escape!

Which makes me wonder... Folks that have the money to buy $200,000 motorhomes,  most generally could be considered to have some sort of education, couldn't they?

Well, if that's true... where did Cummings come from? I swear... you look at ads in Craigs list or just 'bout anywhere else... and 3/4 of the suckers claim the rig... Truck or Motorhome is equipped with a Cummings! diesel engine.

Now... I'm knowin' that if they looked at their owners manual they seen where it's spelled out clear an' plain. Likewise, when they were gazin' through the brochures at the dealership... they all seen it correct an' proper... so... how come they keep on tryin' to change the name? it's a lil' bitty burr... just keeps pokin' an' jabbin' me... :)

How come a mountain cowboy can read the words on the bill of sale...and those fellers with the college certificates... Can't? ... just wonderin'...

and CHAPS! ... Yes CHAPS! arrrrgggggghhhhhhhhh!!!!! Iffn I hear One... More,,, @%#@!!!... Person... call 'em CHaps... like in CHap Stick... I think I'm gonna bust some sort of an aneurysm. The only Chaps goin on like that, is when the wind chaps your face... otherwise... if it's leather on your legs... it's Chaps... (spoke correctly!)

The word comes from a spanish word for leather leggin's... and is pronounced with the "Sh" of shush... like... shaps... not no CHoo Choo'n Chaps!!! arrrrrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhh! Say it wrong and you make cowboys giggle and quiver!

ahhhh.... all vented... feel better now! ;)

I've got one Old project to finish up... or should I say; Re-finish when I get back.

I made a stop in a small electronics shop I've used for a few small projects in the past. I picked up a few real high dollar safety gizmos for the RV electronics I was workin' on just before I made the run to Denver for the Holiday.

Real high dollar too! A buck 98 for each of 'em... so I picked up four lil' voltage regulators (so I'd have an extra or two) to add into the wiring that I did on the Electronic Picture frame and the Ipod dock. These cheap little bits will keep the voltage from exceeding the 12V output of the transformers that they came with.

Truth be known... a piece like these is probably inside each of those old transformers.

Anyhoo... as soon as I get back I'll get some pigtails soldered on, and get the things wired in so I can take the warning label off the website page I'd already built about it! ;)  I'm sure glad I got the heads up about the voltage of the solar system being a risk with some electronics...

... I found the same "warning" about just a volt or two being enough to cook some of the lower grade "Electronic" parts in some consumer gizmos... in a couple of other places... so... thinking it would be better to be safe than sorry I spent the $1.98 for the lil' things that will put an end to that Almost a problem.

... and of course I'll detail all the sparks and smoke... right here!

Yeah I know... He said what? Better safe than sorry? ... Who's he trying to buffalo now?

I expect there's some that'll claim that ain't exactly credible, what with it coming from a guy who spent considerable time on bareback broncs... or ... uh... maybe not Enough Time on 'em! :) ... and then seein' what the wind feels like on the back of a naked motorcycle at 125 mph. :) but I vow! in THIS case, it's the scouts honor truth... (and they never did prove that stuff back when I was a boy scout!)

Ten days or so is three or six past my limit back here in cold country I'm thinkin'... I may have rode a bike through the winters here... for the last few years we were here... but ... 20 degrees has got colder since we left... must be that global warming thing... makes it colder... It's got my parts feelin' like I just bucked off a tall bronc, all over again!

But hey... What's Al and all the global warming crowd grousin' about anyway? Seems to me that problem is kinda self curing ain't it?

Once it gets warm enough ever'body will be able to shut off their furnaces anyway... and with all the new beaches from the melting ice raising ocean levels... there'll be plenty more places for those turtles to breed... so ever'body will be walkin' on the beaches watchin' the turtles instead of drivin' round on the interstate. So, not only will we burn less heating oil... but less gasoline too! ;)

Sittin' in the Cold...
Gettin' it All Figured Out

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Tom Williams said...

I love your take on global warming as a self healing system.
And I'll try to remember to say shaps if it ever comes up in conversation.
I like reading your rants, 'cause it makes me feel saner for yellin' at the TV when they say somethin' totally stupid such as, "there is nothing like this anywhere." When they mean,"there is nothing ELSE like this anywhere." Otherwise they're trying to sell something that doesn't exist!
There ... I feel better now.