Monday, December 26, 2011

SO... They Made an Honest Kindle Author of Me...

Yup... they gifted me with a Kindle Touch... and left me having to learn yet  Another, piece of ee-lektrawnical ee-kwipment!

*Kindle Touch*
... so now... the twister who once 'pon a time wouldn't let a computer on the ranch, (Devil's Spawn ya know!) now finds his packs encumbered with two laptops, with optical mouse of course... a smawt fohn, an Ipod, two digital cameras, one digital helmet cam, a selection of thumb drives, SD cards... external hard drive...

... and NOW... a Kindle. With, of course... ANOTHER... electronics cord!!!

Ya know... if the greenies REALLY wanted to have an impact on global warming... they'd convene an international symposium dedicated to the standardization of gadget cords!

Yep... consolidate that ever growin'  box of tangled cords that a fella has to tote 'round... 'cause the guys designing things felt the need for THEIR gadget to have a cord that could only work on IT!... down to maybe two or three that would keep everything runnin'.

Just think of the reduction of chemical pollution from the production of insulation... the mining not needed to produce the copper for the wires... the packaging for the gadget wires... It would be the technological break through of the Century! Rivaling even recycling water bottles! :)

It is just keepin' me honest though. I mean, if a guy's gonna sell his books to folks, hawkin' the shining merits of Nooks and Kindles... he oughta be reading on one his own self... don't ya think? ;)

Now all I gotta do is get my account sorted out so I can actually buy some books ;) and... figure out how to do the library borrowin' thing...  all this learnin' is makin' my brain pan sore.

Maybe if I get back a mite, to reading more of what other folks write... I can learn a thing or three 'bout settin' words to paper... it could happen.

I've already spotted a couple of ways this lil' gadget might help me do my word herding! (that's editing for you educated types) so... I guess I should get back to herding! ;)

Just a few more days and I'll be runnin' my behind out of this frozen north to get it warmed back up out on the Arizona desert.

Wondering How I Pushed a Bike...
Through the Wind of a Colorado Winter


gumo said...

Just think how many trees you will be saving by using your Kindle. I still like the old fashioned book in my hands but I must admit an e-reader sure makes things more efficient. You must have been a good boy this year to get one.

Joe said...

Nice!!! I got the same thing! I think thats why my wife "couldn't find her power cord".
The first book I downloaded was Honor and the second was Pair! I just started Matter of Honor. I was up until 12:30 last night reading it! My usual sack time is 9 or 10.
You do have a way of writing that keeps a person interested.