Monday, December 19, 2011

I Should Have Been One of Those Rain Men

I Would have been buried in riches!

The surest way for Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado to have winter weather is for me to fire up that Cummins and head for Denver. 'bout the only way to keep it from happening is to only go there in July. It's almost as regular as the rain we made all down the coast last fall...

Sunny 'fore we got there... and sunny when we left... and a big rumblin' black cloud dumpin' on my scooter where ever we WERE! :)

They were predicting maybe a 30% chance for the past week... Until I decide to move up my departure 12 or 18 hours...

Then the weatherman can't resist poppin' up with Blizzard Warnings for SE Colorado... You gotta love the west... Where men are men, the sheep are hiding and women just shake their heads...

There's a few chores to get done 'fore I pull out for the next week or ten days... Leaving the rig here in Glendale... but, sometime this afternoon me, the dogs and one weary Ol' Dodge will be moving. Rolling north for Christmas in Colorado.

As far as my experiment over the past few weeks goes? To see how fast I could whittle a book out using a full outline?

Well... it proved that... I can't... follow a writers road map, to whittle words fast! :) And, I can't hold to an outline neither. Trying to force it into that mold had me with something that felt awkward and choppy. And a few false starts.

Once I fell back into my... uhhhh... Unique way... of just writing down what the voices on the movie reel in my head are tellin' me, it worked out pretty good. :) I'm catching back up to where I woulda been if I hadn't tried to rearrange my mental furniture one more time.

I guess when it comes to writing, I'm a drifter there too. Probably has something to do with some sort of personality defect that just jumps up and argues with any sort of authority...

Even this full timing... Accepted wisdom says; "Nope! No diesel today. Gotta stay put!" and I reply; "Adios Sparky!" 

A bronc squeals at me; "GET OFF!" and I holler back... "Ha! Make me!" ...

The sign says SLOW - DANGEROUS CURVES ... and I Twist the Throttle and lean into the twisty! Yeah... tell me I can't, or insist that; I HAVE TO... and as regular as the sun comes streamin' through that same window ever' mornin', my natural reaction is to grin and challenge the order...

The weather says; "I'll huff an' I'll puff and I'll stop your Ol' truck!" ... and there I am laughin' at it with a cup of hot coffee in one hand, twiddlin' the stereo dial with the other, and steerin' with my knees. :)

... seems like Running Against the Wind is my natural way of goin'.

Guess I'll just point my nose into the wind, rope the words as they come, and start tappin' the buttons.

So, for the most part, it's back to the Old and proven ways for me... organized cornfuzzlement ... and count myself lucky, I guess, that I have a "Way" that works for me at all.

Gotta go and get this rig put to bed for a couple of weeks. Get my gear stowed in the truck... a couple odds and ends... and of course the; "Ah HA!" several miles down the road, once it's too far to turn back... when I remember that ONE thing I forgot that I told myself, fourteen dozen times; "I'll set this right here, so I Don't Forget this!"

Pointing at the Northern Horizon


Anonymous said...

"... seems like Running Against the Wind is my natural way of goin'."

You say this like it's something new. The only change I see is that way back when we first met, you had hair!

Have a safe trip & MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Sharlotte said...

Safe travels my friend and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New YEAR from me in the great city of Bonney Lake, Washington. Spending Christmas up here with our daughter and family.

Box Canyon Blogger said...

Hey Pal,
Stop by lovely ouray and spend the night... we have lots of food left over from a Bronco party yesterday. It'll break up your trip to denver. Don't worry about Red Mountain... It's not bad till tomorrow. But you know forecasters... it's not exactly a science!

Tom Williams said...

Try an' keep one hand on the wheel anyway. There's things I haven't read 'cause you haven't written 'em yet.
Have a Merry Christmas