Friday, November 25, 2011

more... Thanksgiving Day on the Desert

The storm clouds came in and opened up yesterday afternoon, as we had our Thanksgiving meal in Thom and Dar's Motorhome.

Yup... at least 23 raindrops hit the windshield!

But that didn't stop moving back outside to an early evening around the fire "Preaching to the choir". ;) as the sun set...

*Sunset Thanksgiving Day 2011*

Aw, I gotta tell you... those poor folks had no idea what they'd set'em selves up for when they offered the invite... A genuine, long winded, smoky, soap box, cowboy gasifyin' sermon in person! :)

I think I saw Thom a bit ago, walkin' around their rig with a bandage on his ears!

It was a good time... well, at least for me, I'm all healthy this mornin' with a fully and tee totally vented spleen... How thankful can a guy get from Thanksgiving day huh? Ha Ha.

So... last evening after I got back to the Eagle, as I was fiddlin' around... my brain pan, being all warmed up from the conversation, went and found a rig I'd never seen before...

This one made me laugh, 'cause I had EXACTLY this idea and didn't do anything with it... years and years ago. Only, the car I wanted to do it with was a Ford Falcon! With that Lil' V8 they used to put in 'em. :)

Um... How about a Bronco! Ha! House and AWD back road car all in one clean package... Put a big V8 in the Bronco and make the fiver a small toybox to carry the Motorcycle! Ha Ha! Awesome! :)

Oh Lordy... I think maybe I've opened a whole new can of Worms! ;)

Better go take a walk in the Desert and cool out...

*A Desert Front Yard*

Another good thing 'bout the "Yards" here on the Desert is... No mowing! And no maintaining the sprinkler system... or stringin' out hoses...

It's the original, prototype xeriscaping... 5" or so of rain a year and it's good ;)

Just about right for a biker... even when it's cold it's warm.

 Guess I'll go do some more tree killin' doodling ruining some more paper scheming out some whacked out, goofball, cowboy engineered, Road Rig for a genuine, double rectified, cross wired biker cowboy with a warped perception of what constitutes UP! ;)

What can I say, I'm doin' my part to consume trees and moderate the pine bark beetle infestation created by the misguided over population of senile trees in the badly over grown forests! ;) Ha Ha...

Yup... I'm in pot stirrin' form once again.

... and... I also gotta get back to work on the Next installment in the Jeb Taylor Series of fictional accounts of genuine western Heroes!

Stirrin' the pot when I can

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Thom Hoch said...

Brian, while it's true Dar and I did more listenin' than talkin' ;-) we thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon with you.

It's always good to get together with fellow boondockers.

Sharlotte said...

Hey my friend,
Do we need to call search and rescue for you, or did you have too much Thanksgiving cheer?? Checking daily for your words of wisdom, but nothing. Boy that new book must be flying off your pages. LOL Love the pics you have posted. That new bronc buster is really a cutie. We have spent a week in Missouri with our son and our daughter Candi. First time mama got to see the baby bump in person,. Man, I can't wait for little Savannah to get here. Hope all is well with you and the family, and I bet you can't wait to see Heidi and the grandbaby.