Monday, November 28, 2011

Filling in A Blank Spot in the Blog... With a Lil' Scouting in the Real World...

 Every once in a while I hit one of these... blank spots. But it's not what you think. Not at a loss for words... Fact is I've got so many thoughts rattlin' around in my head, pullin' one out to flesh out into a blog post has proven difficult.

It's like trying to follow a piece of spaghetti... it gets lost in amongst all the others on the plate... ;)

Settin' out here in the desert on what was supposed to be a solo hermit cowboy biker writing sabbatical to get a big jump start on my next book, is proving to be more of a time of observation, internal philosophizin' and desert walkin' meditation...

I have got some solid work on the story done, but it's a slow start this time. Had so many possible starting scenarios tumblin' around that my tiny lil' brain got cornfuzzled and took some time to sort out the tangle. That sorting is mostly done and it's starting now to pick up a lil' momentum.

The thing really slowin' things down though is the fact that I made the mistake of contemplatin' the future... uh oh... Don't Do It!

Step away from the time machine!

The thing is we've been on the road now nigh on to a year and a half. We're sittin' at one of those crossroads points where you have to make at least general decisions 'bout where you're headed for the next bit of time. Though we're just drifters on the road to many people, goin' where ever the wind takes us; There's still a hand on the rudder... if only lightly.

I'd said many years back that after a year or so we'd look at where we were, and where we wanted to go... and decide then what we were gonna do... We're kinda at one of those "places".

Factor in the turmoil of what's goin' on in the rest of the world... as well as this country (The 800 lb economic gorilla sittin' in the corner that everybody wants to try and pretend ain't there)... and there's no shortage of food for thought... and plenty to keep a guy wondering and confused.

The result is... I'm spending quite a bit of time, cogitating about the road I'm wanting to follow... for the next part of our journey... and working out the ways that the convulsions of the collapse of socialism might not impact us too harshly.

When I find myself getting all tied up over the choices of life that are never too far away... One of the good ways to clear my head used to be getting horseback... The best way for the last several years was discovered with my return to two wheels on asphalt...

*Plomosa Mtns. in the Distance*
Somehow it works like a filter and all the chaff gets blown away with the wind...

... at least as long as you're sittin' on that Motorcycle... In the wind! ;) ... if I could just avoid getting back off it! :)

Yesterday morning while taking the dogs on their early walk, my head in a jumble, I saw those Plomosa Mountains off in the distance again...

... so thought maybe some of the dust would blow away... or at least settle a bit if I made those hills come a bit closer...

So I fired up the Yamaha and split the wind for a few hours... This country 'round about here isn't what most folks would consider photogenic...

*Following Plomosa Road through the Plomosa Mountains*

Most think it barren and even devoid of life... which is false. There's rabbits and lizards. Coyotes and Desert Bighorns... even Hummingbirds if you're willing to buy the sugar for 'em.

... and... there's cornfuzzled, two legged squawkers...

Something that's been weighin' heavy on my head lately is that future I got to contemplatin'... and what affect the stupidities running rampant in the world are going to have on it.

Let's face it, a guy can't just operate in a vacuum and make decisions without taking into account what's happening around him... If he chooses to stay in the camp he's in, 'cause he likes the view... He'll likely learn to regret the choice... if everyone else is evacuating 'cause the Dam just up stream is failing!

I look at what's happening in europe... and closer to home in that bastion of civilized thought and wisdom... Washington D.C. (uh yeah... sarcasm is spelled s..... a ... r.......) and my optimism is about as strong as when I came loose from a lil' sorrel mare at a rodeo in  Globe, Arizona, long about 35 years ago...

Floating softly through the sunny Arizona sky that morning I remember my thoughts clearly; "THIS... is gonna hurt!" WHUMP! I hit with a bone crunching impact... and got carried away with a shattered shoulder... but, eventually, I healed.

My point is, near as I can see; The world we live in is gonna get a whole lot worse, before it gets better. The "system" is broken, the boat is taking on water... and all the fellas we've allowed to captain the ship can do is wonder angrily why their lunch is late.

None of this should be a surprise. Anyone who can do simple mathematics can take a three dollar Wal Mart calculator and in about six minutes prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that socialism is nothing but a humongous Ponzi scheme... ALL of which eventually collapse... It's a mathematical equation.

The events in Europe are the direct result of that... You have countries like the neighbors I know most of you have one or two of. Their bills exceed their income, so they open another credit card to give them "breathing space" to get out of debt... uh... borrow money... to pay your way out of debt? Really, Really clear thinking.

The curious thing is... if a puss gut mountain cowboy can figure it out and track that pig to its hiding place... how come the "experts" seem to have so much difficulty?

Those parasitic buzzards are rapidly coming home to roost here. Everywhere you look are pension plans, and governments at all levels, that have no hope of fulfilling their "obligations" because socialism has written too many bad checks against their assets... so they're, essentially, all running around trying to borrow more money to reduce the burden of their debts... uh... WHAT?

It's crunch time folks. Another year or two, maybe, and it's; Hang on, 'Cause It's Gonna Be a Bumpy Ride!

What does this have to do with what I'm doing? With RV Boondocking... or ... what You might be Wanting to do?

Well, think of it this way. I have the rest of what's left of my life to live. Am I going to live that Life, are you going to live YOURS, allowing your Life to be controlled and dictated by a system ate up with stupidity?

Or, do you choose the alternative; Do YOU, Do I,  figure out how to make the most of that time we have left? Do we figure out how to LIVE in spite of the Stupidity of people who should know better... but never will?

Me? I choose to Refuse to allow the Life I value to be taken from me by the greed and stupidity of grasping parasites. I will go where I choose to go... not... where I'm told.

One of the first things you do in a Survival Situation is take an inventory of what you have. Take stock of your real situation.

Maybe I don't have that fancy Red Truck anymore. Maybe the dollars we thought we'd have from selling the house disappeared. Maybe things could be better... They aren't. They are what they are. I could have fewer options.

There's an old saying; If My Grandmother'd had wheels... she could'a been a bicycle. Another version of woulda coulda shoulda. Fun to talk about sometimes, but a waste of time when it comes to actually doing anything.

I have a truck. I have a fiver. I have my writing. I have a Superb Motorcycle! and I have my Freedom... those are plenty to take me where I'm goin'... if I take care of 'em right. 

The point is... what could'a been, what should'a been... ain't what IS. Wishin' it was different don't get the job done. I'm as guilty of such a waste of time as anyone. At some point you have to just say;  "Enough. What can I do to minimize the damage and get me down the road?"

Take what you have and run with it. Do the best you can. Get imaginative. Get creative. Plot out where the stupidity of the idiots, who think they're so clever, has created roadblocks... and find the hidden, back road way 'round.

Cull things down to the absolute bare bones you'll need to carve out the life you want in Spite of the times we find ourselves in. Make it work.

The thing is... There's a grizzly loose in camp that thinks he's got a right to whatever he wants and that ya'll are too little to resist his power... don't leave your groceries layin' about to attract his attention and keep a couple cans of bear spray handy to disabuse him of his parasitic notions... Know what I mean?

When you come to what seems like the end of the road... look close...

There is Always... Another Way

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Joe said...

Good post Brian! I've been worried about ALL those things. Being that we plan on hittin the road come next spring, I wonder if it's the right choice with the world being as it is. It's one of the only things that have me hesitating about our decision. It's the dreaded unknown. But we're going anyway! Come hell or high water, or financial collapse. I'm not going to play their game anymore.

Anonymous said...

Brian you are right on the money.

There are more poor, lazy, uneducated, unenlighted and socialist/gimme people than common sense worker bees. No, I didn't say ALL....just more of them to outvote the strivers. Hold on to your hat.

In Aug 1929 the stock market was at an all time high: 381. The stock market didn't get back to 381+ until Nov 1954. Gulp----

Our pensions, SS, 401k, valuables, property etc may be cut, taken away or disintegrate. Be more thrifty and keep your eyes on the shoulder of the road.....keep alert for pot holes, "animals" and other debris.


the_Wanderer said...

Thanks, Brian. We all know it's coming. You thought you'd get a quiet mind out there? Hah! Your're a born writer, you will always have a sphagetti bowl...

Sailbad said...

Brian, I couldn't have said it better myself. We got ourselves a quandary. I'm as confused as anybody else. It's not like we were not told. I am thinking about the short term as well as a longer spell. I'm hoping nothing major happens before spring. That will allow me to get back to my hidey hole and make some more preparations. But if it's sooner, I can be there in 2 days and run with what I got.
Remember: Keep your powder dry...This ain't gonna be fun.

Cindy Kingma said...

Hey Brian! You got alot of good points. But worrying about that stuff will make ya grey faster...Just keep your head in that next awesome book you got going. Its your 'job' to give the world the jewels of the story telling that lives inside your head. People need those kinds of things to get them thru the doom and gloom of this world. There's a reason for the term "Que sera sera". The wolves will kill what they can...but those with the smarts to run like hell from the frey...well, they will survive. You found your path, so enjoy each day and don't get caught up in how much the whole world is doing. Sometimes its just "circle the wagons" time and protect your own.
Touch who you can, and KNOW that you are making a difference. Kudos, sir.

Anonymous said...

Certainly with all the "proper" investing and education i still can't believe how hard i was hit! Sitting here years later now in my paid for rig i am so happy that i gave up their game! I even took massive losses on sale of properties that would make one cry...i know 'cause i did. I guess i could have been still playing their games but shit i would have missed alot of real life and there is more to come! By the the heck does someone retire with a pension plan and get paid out for the rest of life and some don't even work 20 years...? I see this all around. My Dime Pays for My Time! ') Enjoy Brian & Family. BiLL

roadcam said...

I just discovered your blog a couple days ago, and am thoroughly enjoying it ! - I especially am happy to discover there is at least one other fulltimer with his eyes wide open, that's looking to escape the coming disasters ! ... as I have told my wealthy friends, " when your money's all gone, there's plenty of room down here at the bottom (but I'll have already grabbed the best campsites !") !

Sharlotte said...

Hope all is well with you my friend. Haven't heard from you in a while.