Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rolled Up Over Going-to-the-Sun Road...

... in just about the best weather we've ever crossed over it.

Took a late start which let the high country warm up a mite for us... and although by Colorado Standards 6646' Logan Pass isn't very high.... When you're this far North, I suppose it's roughly the same as 10,000 feet or so in Colorado...

*Logan Pass in Glacier National Park*

The road construction is in the same exact places it was when I rode the same bike through here at just about the Same time, last year... I guess, when you can only work for a month or two, the work goes slow. :)

They've been doing all the rock work for retaining walls, to keep the road from falling off the mountain...

*Work Station with a View! In Glacier National Park*

Looks like they're finishing up that work, so maybe, Next year, you'll be able to roll right along... or ... they'll go to working on a couple NEW sections :)

No matter, it's a sweet road to ride... even with all the folks in lil' cars that can't stay on their side of the road... On a motorcycle, you smell, you see, you FEEL that mountain... in ways you can NEVER know, moving through that country in a car... it's a glorious ride!

'course Mark and Bobbie would say; "Park the Bike and Walk ya Ol' Geezer!"

*Bikers on Going-to-the-Sun Road*
... and I wasn't the only one that thought so... Bikers, taking pictures of Bikers :)

*One of the Old Time Glacier National Park Touring Cars*

... I must admit... I did see two vehicles with more than two wheels that might not be a bad way to run this road... One was those Touring cars they've got in Glacier, with the roof rolled back... That would be a nice way to go... as long as you weren't the driver!

... and the other was a convertible with the top down :)

They still aren't motorcycles... but... they'd not be Bad!

*Glacier National Park*

With views like this last one, 'round every bend, and over every new ridge... it's a certainteed fact that if you're still whinin' and complainin'... your meds need adjustment... for sure and for certain!

Up on top... where they got the road open about a month late this year... there's still... Juuuuuust a lil' snow left here and there... clear down into August!

 at the visitor center, atop Logan Pass the boardwalk that goes out from the parking area... was still buried in places too, like just past here...

*Boardwalk to Heaven, atop Logan Pass in Glacier National Park*

Miss Heidi chose to NOT try to climb up into the snow... here boots got slick soles... that don't do so well on snow :) ... act more like skis... so we opted to exercise a mite of discretion and stay to the sunlit, drier parts.

... Which to tell the truth, isn't so bad...

*You almost expect to hear "The Sound of Music" atop Logan Pass :) *

One thing I do like 'bout bein' in areas like this... where they've got some fairly decent sized bears, that have particularly bad manners when it comes to itinerant guests wandering through the countryside...

*His paw is juuuuust a lil' bigger'n Mine!*

...Is that there's a whole lot of OTHER folks millin' around... and... Most of them, even though I'm stove up pretty good... are a Whole Lot Slower than me! :)

That's the best security for you in Bear Country... ONLY hike with folks that run SLOWER than you do!

We climbed back on the Raider, dropped off the Mountain into St Mary, and then over the twisty, broken lil' highway 49 that leads past East Glacier, stopped at the Roosevelt Memorial along the highway around the south end of the park for a late "lunch" of crackers and cheese... picking up wild strawberry stains on my butt...

... when I squished a couple of the lil' tasties... and then rolled on home to the Eagle...

I should go find out what we're gonna do today... 'cause tomorrow or the next day... we're gonna be moving on west a bit...

Goin' Slow... unless I'm on the Raider!... In the Montana High Country

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Barry and Linda said...

Great Pics, as always. Gotta love that 'High Country'! Travel safe.

Ed said...

On a motorcycle, you smell, you see, you FEEL that mountain... in ways you can NEVER know, moving through that country in a car... it's a glorious ride!

I did that same glorious ride on a bicycle in 1991. It is even better than a motorcycle because you also HEAR the mountain, the motorcycles, the cars...

Charley said...

We are in Kalispell also at Spruce Park. and went to Glacier tues. What a beautiful park. If you have time, I would love to meet you in person, since I last saw you on I25 near Denver last year, when I waved at you going down the road.