Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hunting for Boondocking Camps in North Idaho.

Parts of NW Montana as well as up in the panhandle of Idaho are a bit of a tough go for finding good boondocking camps.

*Along the Cedars Trail in Glacier*

The timber is so thick, you know it's daylight, but ya'll sure ain't gonna get much sun! :) Just shafts of light slicing down 'tween the trees.

We walked a short trail just north of McDonald lake the day before we pulled out. They built a boardwalk back through the thick, Red Cedar forest. It's another of those places that's a beautiful place to walk through, but a miserable place to try and capture it in a photograph.

*Boardwalk through the Cedars in Glacier National Park*

Your skills for making pictures have to greatly exceed my feeble efforts for sure!

This Cedar Forest is a contrast to the long views and Far Country of most of the park. You walk through an area of cool and quiet, at least if you time your visit right. You can miss some of the crowds, and maybe even the likes of the One Fine Lady we saw, lead her dog up to and stare for LONG SECONDS at, the NO DOGS on this trail sign... before proceeding to take her dog on up the Trail... ANYWAY!

Lucky for me... and her... I was on my way OUT at the time... and managed to keep my mouth shut...

Ah well... some peoples kids...

*Cedar Forest in Glacier*
It's a different "Feel" down in this thick timber.

We loaded up and hauled the rig out the next morning, bound for the Lake Pend Oreille (Pon-der-Ay) area of Idaho. Being as how I'm slow and lazy these days, we only made it that first day, a bit south and west of Libby. A little place called "Bad Medicine" campground on Bull Lake.

... Just back up the road in from the highway is another Cedar Forest. The Ross Creek Giant Cedars Forest. There's a short trail through there as well, so I unhitched the truck, so we could take a toot back up there 'fore it went dark on us...

*Ross Creek Giant Cedars SW of Libby Montana*

No boardwalk here... but just as serene a sort of place... It can quiet some of the rattling in your head... if you let it.

If you'd never been to Sequoia or Yosemite, you'd call these big Trees. :) though they are a bit more sizable than those over to Glacier... We made the mistake of not grabbing some supper to eat sitting in the grove. There's benches and logs a person could sit on to take in the quiet for a while... you might want to use 'em.

Somehow those red berries on that unknown plant... look kinda lethal to me... I left 'em hangin'!

Yesterday, a couple hours after sunrise, Buck took his morning swim in Bull Lake...

 ...'fore we pulled the rest of the way to Lake Pend Oreille... where he got in another swim in the evening.

We ran a couple back roads 'tween here and Sandpoint yesterday afternoon... getting miles back in, and into switchbacks I'd rather not drag the fiver over... and haven't yet found a camp that toots my whistle... We may just sit here on the lake for a few days... 'fore we slide over into Eastern Washington...

No hurry either way... It may just take a bit more time to adjust to the "lay of the Land" around here.

The thing that is pushin' me is; That although a lot of people still labor under the misconception that we're "Retired", and use that word when talkin' to us... that just ain't so... Retired I ain't! To make matters worse,  I've been lazy for a month or more, and my Work is stackin' up.  If I don't get to that Work purty shortly, the beans we put on the table are gonna get fewer and fewer! :)

So... I'm needful of finding a long camp to occupy for a couple weeks anyway, to catch up on those Work Duties.

I can't complain though can I? I mean, I get to work in the Montana, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Wyoming... backwoods... I get to earn my living, as I'm walking high mountain trails through far country, and riding a fine motorcycle on a never ending ribbon of highway...

So... Many thanks to SBI, Smashwords, Amazon and Most of All, to the many readers that keep me goin'!

My only real complaint is... I need to find a lil' more discipline to do a lil' more of my Work... rather than a lil' more playin'. :) But then again, I'm lucky that I have my Work, and not a Job!

So, gonna go do a lil' more exploing, a lil' more Work... and ride through another day...

Settled for a few days in Idaho

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