Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Late Storms, RV Furniture and RV Vlogging!

Ha! Ol' Murph' tried to sucker me into moving early, with a few days bumpin' up on hot! Ha! Gonna take more than that you wee Irishman! Thought he'd get me to roll up North some more... or back west up into the mountains... and get socked with a late winter storm... Not this time! :)

This Ol' Buster ain't that gullible...

OK... I am... just not this time! :) But... it is wet! The truck is sittin' in a puddle nigh on to a lake... with the Raider right beside it... Started raining early last night, and hasn't yet quit... Weather folks claiming snow... Yuck... Poor Ol' Mark and Bobbie are sweatin' an Open House of the New Cabin for Sale in Ouray... Ever'body cross your fingers for 'em! ... and say a lil' prayer!

Around here, there won't be no ridin' today! Unless I wanted to go rekindle memories of Alaska! ... hmmmm... I think I'll just set inside, warm, dry, and a cup of coffee... and look at pictures of that ride!

Is that gettin' old? or... just finally gettin' some sense?

I mentioned it the other day... been experimenting a bit with a small camp table in place of the desk I'd put in... It's working out OK... just can't find the ready built table/storage benches I want... everything is TOO big, too this, too that... I'm pretty picky for a poor boy huh? :)

I'm gonna be goin' back to almost what was there originally... a dinette and storage benches... only with the bench lids actually usable... so the storage is accessible... not like the awkward stuff the factory put in.

What is likely to happen is I'm gonna have to build 'em myself I suppose... unless I get lucky and stumble on to what I want... and this build is likely to happen in camp somewhere... with minimal tools... now... that could get interesting...

We're still planning on a Monday pull out... but... the weather might obstruct that a day or two... stuff I need to button up outside... that I just can't find the ambition to do in the rain... and... to tell the truth? My hunger to haul up into the wet and snowy as been satiated a long, LONG time ago :)

... and one last thing... I took the plunge yesterday... and ordered a camera with money I don't really have :)
I've got what they call a Helmet Camera on the way... It's kind of a risk I suppose... but that's the only way you grow and improve... stretch the envelope a mite... just hope I don't tear the sucker!

Soon... as soon as I figure how to run the thing in some sort of a tolerable way, I'm gonna be adding videos to the blog/site. Seems like a good way to improve the sites... or ... humiliate myself in living color!

Now... I don't wear a helmet when I'm Boondocking ... so I'll have to mount it somewhere else, but I have a few ideas for having some fun with that... so we'll see what happens... It's main use of course is gonna be over on my Motorcycle Touring site...

But... wouldn't it have been outstanding to have it mounted on a head strap when I was quivering myself up onto Angels Landing? :)

OK ... maybe not...

All that whimpering, Uh Oh's and Moooooommmmieeeeeee's likely would have had to been edited out... to avoid heavy damage to my rep!

One thing I promise not to do is utter those infamous last words of a Redneck; "Hey Guys! Watch This!" 

Stay tuned! You may have something to make your life and common sense realllly shine by comparison! :)

Just a Guy Who Never Knows When to Stop Digging the Hole...

“Let the night overtake you everywhere at home.”

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Don said...

Looking forward to seeing your video efforts. You travel in some beautiful country! Another phrase I'd prefer not to hear is "Here, hold my beer." LOL

Handmade Crafts Done While RVing Blog said...

A friend of mine has one of those helmet camera and loves it - he post pictures all the time on his facebook page... I think you too will have too much fun with it...


Gaelyn said...

The helmet video sounds like fun. Maybe you can turn off the audio so we don't hear you cry. ;)

Barely rained enough to wet the ground just west of Flagstaff this afternoon. But it snowed where I'm heading to under the sun tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Brian, I got a video camera to add a little excitement to my blog too. Haven't gotten too much time behind it and still wondering exactly how to put it to use. Does add another dimension to blogging. Looking forward to your new vids!