Monday, May 16, 2011

Drop Five Zero... Fire for Effect!

Huh? He's Callin' in a Fire Mission? RV Boondocking Artillery? What in Tarnashun is goin' on?!

Sometimes, I've come to think that working out a yondering routine over time, tailored and whittled on to really fit you, is like calling in artillery. Each person has their own rhythm and their own drummer that they dance to. You just have to take your shots to find out what's exactly right... Just like callin' in an artillery fire mission! :)

??? Has that one got you scratchin' your head? :) How has Artillery got anything at all to do with RV Boondocking?!!!!

Think about it!

You call in your first shot and it falls short... then ... you adjust fire... and that shot flies long... Well, now you've got it, what they call, Bracketed... you know what's too short, and what's too long... so, your next shot should be... Bang on! :) Fire for effect!

When we took off late last summer, with a bad case of hitch itch proddin' me on... we rolled too far, too fast.

Here along the Front Range, where we dropped anchor to do some visiting and let Spring catch up, I've decided, we've over corrected.

Only One or two days in a place... constantly rolling, always moving, is just too fast... the flip side I've found... a month without knocking the dust off my tires... is TOO LONG! A ten day camp brushed up, exploring the local area, with a couple or three days of days rollin', hunting the next long camp... is a comfortable, easy pace... Juuuuuust right!

Between Last Thanksgiving and our arrival back in central Colorado just about this time last month... we'd gotten it juuuust about right... with a few long camps of a couple weeks... broken up with a few travel days in between...

That pace, where we were boondocked on the Escalante and down on the Kaibab... and out over on the Desert near Bouse... seems to be the proper pace of things for me...

... and we'll be gettin' back to our slow and easy gypsy livin'... either tomorrow morning... or Wednesday.  It just depends on how the last few chores we have left to do around here work out today.

Where we head hasn't been decided yet... I'm for hangin' up pretty much on this latitude for a few more weeks... and let the recalcitrant spring get a bit more advanced... Heidi on the other hand... is looking more North... More Sooner! ...

We'll Be Loading Camp and Crackin' Out on a New Circle

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait for you to get out on the road. While I enjoy all your posts, the ones when your actually out boondocking are the best. Love the colorful descriptions, the pretty pictures and, most of all, the adventure of it all.

Janna and Mike said...

It's still winter in Montana Heidi!