Sunday, May 22, 2011

Just Another Day of, People Virus, Computer Bugs and Muddy Roads...

Spring is fighting its way to the top. Actually saw the sun for several hours yesterday. Long enough at times, the pair of Solar panels up on the roof were producing up over 200 watts for a while...

*Flaming Gorge Nat. Rec. Area*

After three days of rain and sick... Heidi got to feeling good enough, for a while, to go take a short drive around the area, scouting for a long camp. Which we found several really nice lookin' prospects... which we'll likely pull into one of, as soon as the ground firms up enough so the rig stays on top... and not go sinkin' in to the hubs!

Now... this morning, though some of the flu like symptoms have receded, an allergic reaction (to what we can't figure out) that pretty much started the whole thing is back with a vengeance... It ain't over yet...

 Also, woke up this morning to an almost clear sky... What a teaser! Didn't much more then get the coffee made and here they come... At least they're broken clouds with blue showin' all over, :)

* Flaming Gorge Reservoir*
Good thing I've got this lil' Acer computer for a backup... Nothing I've tried has cornered the "Bug" that's infested my main Laptop... I'm planning on taking it to the computer Doc in Vernal Monday morning... That's convenient since it's lookin' like Heidi is gonna require a follow up visit to a people Doc as well.

Part of her illness is much improved... but... the Bad Allergic reaction symptoms that sent us to the ER the other day aren't seeming to improve a whole lot... Bad enough when you're in town, with a Doctor you know... this situation is less than shiny... 

Like I said, we found several real promising locations for a long Boondocking/Dispersed camp. The best are about 7-8 miles west of the Skull Creek camp we're in right now... Their only down side is really weak or non-existent cell svc.

*Boondocking site in Flaming Gorge NRA*
So... What the current plan is, is this. We'll set up in one of these, assuming the ground hardens up in the next couple of days...

I just won't be able to post to the blog every day. I'll prepare my pics and posts in camp... then run up this way, until I've got enough signal to hook on and upload 'em.

Not as convenient as having the air card work right in camp... but... in a spot as pretty as those... and NOT being able to get online... just might be a blessing in disguise.

I should be able to get a whole lot more work on Book #2 done, don'cha think? :) and to tell the truth? ... as great as my "itch" is... to get on line and "Blog"... I don't like the idea of allowing myself to be kept from setting camps in locations like these... just because they don't have "Good signal"!

That's a thing (internet addiction) I'll have to work on some. :) ... moderation in all things... right?

*Dispersed Campsite at Flaming Gorge Nat. Rec. Area*
There doesn't seem to be any shortage of nice spots to set up for a while around here. The only thing holding up the show is the ground is so soft from all the rain and snow...

As soon as it firms up we'll move from the pay as you go NF Campground to a dispersed site and kick back for a bit!

 There's a road, a lil' farther west they call a "Geological Loop"... about a lane and a half of pavement... mostly...

Seemed like a good choice for a day when nobody was feeling top notch but we HAD to get out and around... a lil' bit... cabin fever was starting to get confused with genuine medical issues!

* along the Geological Loop*
*Another Utah Arch in the Making*

Something about Utah must make it THE place for the creation of Rock Arches... come back in a million years or two... and that Lil' hole you can juuuuuuust see on the left side of this formation will likely be a big Ol' arch and there'll be a couple hundred screeching tourists climbing in it to get their picture took! :)

The trees are just starting to leaf out... that bright green of early spring...

*Spring Leaves against Utah Stone... and Blue Sky Showing!*
So... I guess, if a guy has to wait somewhere... for someone to heal up... this is a pretty fair place to do that... if the rain will just haul itself off... and stay away for a while! :)

*Along the Road to Vernal*

Boondocked in Ashley National Forest

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