Friday, April 15, 2011

Do We? or Don't We? ... Just Pinch our Noses and Jump?

Well... the fiver has closed this circle I guess... sort of. It's rolled back to Moab, where we rolled through, goin' the other direction, last October.

*Somewhere in Arches National Park*
Back then, we had planned on going south and then Arizona for the winter... but got tickled with a wild hair, the morning we pulled out of Moab and turned right rather than left that morning, running NW clean to the mouth of the Columbia... and weeks of rain! :) and surf like I'd never seen...

*Along the Rim of Canyonlands National Park*
Now... we're slowly moving toward Denver, the kids, and something around a month back along the front range, taking care of some business, family, the rig, and somehow making the final decision... Do we just step off and head for Alaska?... or... make this years circle... wider then last year... but... shorter then Alaska?

I thought we could juuuuuuust squeak by... until the truck broke... which tightened the budget up like a banjo string! :o) ... so... I'm sanding the fat off the budget... trying to fit 9000 miles into a 5000 mile gas tank!

I'll know what I decided... when I look back in September... and see where we went...

Last fall when we stepped off and just left... I was asked by a few curious people; "I thought you were broke? How are you gonna leave? How are you gonna live?"

*In Arches National Park*

My answer? "We've got enough to almost make it to the end of the month... with a lil' luck... the store, my websites and the books I'm hawkin' will make enough more as we roll, to keep us going UNTIL the end of the month!"

Now... THAT was a picture I wish I'd been able to take. Their wide eyes pretty much said it all; "Brian! Ya'll are nuts!" :) ... but... you know what? Here it is, something like 7 months later... we're in 'bout the same place dollar wise as when we left... so I guess, holding my head above water, these days, can be considered success!

There's things along the way we'd wished we'd been flush enough to go do/see... and a restaurant or two we passed up that we'd kind of liked to go eat at... rather then eating in camp... 

but... when it's all said and done, travelin' slow like we have has been good. Fuel being the biggest expense these days... it is a cost you have some control over... if you don't roll... you don't burn any!

*Hovenweep Ruins*

But then... it'd be a real difficult deal... to get through the Yukon... and Alaska... without firing up the cummins... Hmmm... you think one of these Freightliners running by would notice if I swung a rope... and dragged along behind? :o)

I've had a few steers and cows haul me a ways... on the end of a rope! :)

*Arches Nat Park Sunset*
... and one other thing I've noticed... all the photos on this post... were taken last October... and I'm thinkin'... my photography has improved since then. :)

Looking back... while Rolling Forward

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Handmade Crafts Done While RVing Blog said...

LOL yes your pictures do tell a more beautiful story now... Did I tell you we are shopping for a camera now - should have in 3 weeks - we want to get the RV up to snuff first... I hope our pictures tell a beautiful story like yours!!


MyTinyTropicalGarden said...

Go...what will you do if you don't go?

Everything is for a reason and things always seem impossible, until they are done.

If you start hesitating now you always will.....

Shadowmoss said...

Do like you did last time. Get in the rig and see which way you turn the wheel. I'm thinking that all along the way are things to see. At some point you may East instead of going on North, or you may head North and West till you get somewhere else. Knowing you, you could get to the CA border and decide to head South again to see what's down there. :)

Shadowmoss said...

Oh, forgot my favorite saying that sums it all up: You can't steer a stationary ship (rig).

Unfortunately, that phrase has two(!) homonyms, so if I said something about a neutered male cow and writing paper by mistake, please go with what I tried to say.