Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Our Week at The Subway Fresh Fit 500 at Phoenix International Raceway is Done...

For our first, On the Spot NASCAR week, it was a pretty good time... only got yelled at once... fired once... promoted once... and demoted back to driver... Once! :o)

A whole lot of Onces!

It reminded me a lot of when I was still doin' custom leather and traveling with my big Shop Trailer to all the Cowboy Action Shoots to hawk my leather... There was a 'core' of Roadie Vendors that wandered from show to show...

When you pulled in to set up, folks you hadn't crossed paths with in several months would come running up to the truck to say hello... and lot's of hugs at the end, when you were pulling out...

Same here... lost count of the; "See you in Novembers" we got. Pretty nice havin' a bunch of folks hopin' to see your grumpy Ol' kiester again.

This was a good fit for us. People we fit in with pretty well, work a few days/week, and then move along... No long commitments... and real nice to have been able to add a sizable amount to our Alaska II fuel pot too!

And now, a NASCAR Quiz... Ya already found out I can't even read the car numbers on my own pictures :o) like I can't seem to tell 68 from 88...

So... all you NASCAR veterans... who are these lucky few NASCAR Drivers I managed to capture as they went screaming by at 130 miles an hour or so comin' out of turn 3 at PIR?

Forgive the fuzzy edge to the pics... just so ya know this ain't easy... even with a fairly decent camera... this is what ya get... if you're a lil' slow on the trigger... and your target is movin' at NASCAR SPEED! :o)

*Nuthin' But Pavement!*

*OK, This one I know is Danica! :o)*
***ed. OK... OOPS! This is NOT Danica... I guess this is "Sprint Cup Series #7" R. Gordon? not Danica's "Nationwide Series #7"... sheesh! Too many numbers for my brain! :o)***

So there ya have 'em... Who's got the answers? :o)

We're back over to Glendale now, for a few days to get a project done for my sister and brother-in-law... and then it's back on the RV Boondocking road!

Settin' up and gettin' ready to get moving again...

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Anonymous said...

#7 is Robbie Gordon
88 is Dale Earnhardt Jr
22 is Kurt Busch
29 is Kevin Harvick
2 Keselowski and now I can't remember the rest of the numbers... so

Brian said...

Excellent! You win Four NASCAR Boondockers Stars! :o) would have got five... but you couldn't remember the others... :o)

... don't feel too bad... I got 1/2 a star! :o)

Anonymous said...

Weird, you got fired AND promoted?! Are you sure that JQ doesn't own NASCAR also?


7 Robbie Gordon (Danica is #7 in Nationwide series)
22 kurt Busch
2 Brad Kevelowski
43 AJ Almendinger
5 Mark Martin
31 Jeff Burton
78 Regan Smith
47? Bobby Labonte if 47
13 Casey Mears

john said...

7 robby gordon
2 keselowski
kurt busch 22
5 mark martin
43 allmendinger
31 jeff burton
78 regan smith
47 t labonte
13 casey mears

Brian said...

No... JQ would get his butt whupped 'round NASCAR! *Private Joke for those wondering who JQ is!* :o)

John gets the Five NASCAR Boondockers stars! :)

Ann or Paul Stough said...

One correction to John's list. The number 47 is Bobby Labonte, not Terry Labonte.