Monday, March 21, 2011

Cold, Windy, Raining... and They Say Snow... Just Right for a Ride on the Raider!

NOT! :o) ... I can do it... proved it, many times... but there's an end to all good things... :)

Been there done that... those last few months, back in Nunn, and workin' the hardware store... I rode that Raider up the 3 miles of dirt to where we were parked, through frog strangling down pours, taking a half hour to cover that short distance... A bike that's made for the road, the asphalt road, don't like the gooey, clay, slime that has you wobbling up the road like a drunken top!

Came closer to dropping the bike those nights, in that lil' 3 mile stretch... then I ever did on any of the 9,000 miles of the Alaskan ride.

Yech! Cold and wet. Gonna be a cabin fever day. I'd hitch up and pull out, to hunt the sun... like we did gettin' away from the coast... but this time, there just ain't no where to go. North is just more storm... south... I guess it's there too... and who wants to haul when the wind is shovin' you all over the road anyway... not fun.

... and, by the time I found where the sun is hidin'... it would be here again... Guess this is one of those times to just batten down the Hatches... Hmmm... does a fifth wheel, Have hatches?...  watch the RV batteries deplete... keep the coffee hot...  the generator on standby, and wait it out. :( 

The good thing is, it's supposed to be a fast moving storm, but it won't peak till maybe late afternoon, and then fall away tonight... tomorrow the sun is scheduled to return. So, it won't be a terrible long wait.

Guess maybe I'll see if I can find a good western, that somebody else wrote... to read! :o) Maybe between that and this storm, it'll stimulate my own button punchin' juices to get me over the small lil' creative lull I'm in today... Been stackin' words hot and heavy for a few days... so catchin' my breath for a bit, and letting things settle, is not a bad thing.

The new book is taking shape... The "word count" has nigh on to doubled the past few days... and my arbitrary goal of publishing it early this summer remains a reasonable target... assuming my few "Critical/Proof Readers" don't kick me around and demand a heavy duty rewrite! :)

If I'm right... this next story fits into a wider scope of genres... Kind of a Modern Action Suspense Romantic with a Western flavor!

There is still a good bit of the "Western" in it... but... it's a west that's trying to exist in the "Modern World"... still early in the story... So at this point I don't really know any more than you do where it's goin'! ;o)

How-some-ever... If such a story is the sort that tickles your literary fancy... stay tuned... "Because We Are In Montana" ... is getting built... The words are stackin' up...

... and it'll be coming along... before the fall anyway!

It's been a good week for my ego. The "mail" brought multiple pats on the back from readers who have liked what I've written, both on the websites/blogs, and my ebooks. THAT is something I hope I never get accustomed too.

That would be a sad thing. To have the good words said about what is such a personal thing as my writing, become some routine, taken for granted thing. That would be sad... and a less then complimentary comment about one grumpy old, pussgut, word wrangler.

Sittin' in the Wind

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Gaelyn said...

I hate to travel in the wind, bike or RV. Sometimes it's good to just hunker in.