Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Whoa! Redneck Hits the Big Time at NASCAR!

Well... I already had the blog wrote up for today... but it's gon' have to be postponed until tomorrow, 'cause there's big happenin's at the Nascar Race at PIR...

I'd just got done this evening with my Tram Drivers training when I was notified I'd been fahrd frum that job!

Yes sir! Seems when thay dun seen how fass I picked up drivin' a truck an' traylur at 10 miles an hour... thay dun reelahzd how smahrt I wuz so thay dun fahrd my butt frum drivin' an' pro-mowtid me at the same tahm! :) Guess sum buddy dun reelahzd thet they had wun uv them fellers whut cud be traned lak wun uv them thar chimpanzee monkeys.

An' then... When I started tawkin' to one feller he got all excited! Said I could even tawk Redneck! He said; "Damn! You tawk Redneck too? Hell Man, you're multi-lingual! You can translate for us!" and I had the job locked up!

So they mayd me be part of manujmint! :)

I jus got ta figger owt whut Multi-lingual is... and iffn "Translatin'" is legul... shur don' wanna go ta jale ur nuthin'!

Yup! So tonight I had to go shoppin'! Uh Huh... I found out I needed to git me a new robe... only I couldn't find whut I needed anywhar... Seems those management types have to have somethin' they call a Pro-feshunal War Robe! I asked all over and I couldn't find a Pro-feshunal War Robe anywhere!Wuz weird too... thoze fowks at tha stowr? Thay looked at me Lak I wuz crazy when I asked whar the War Robes wuz at!

Dang! an' I wanted to make a gud impreshun my first day as a PIR Gate Supervisor! :o)

So... at least Thursday an' Friday I'll not be Drivin' Trams at the NASCAR Race... I'll be Supervising the Gate... or one of 'em... Yes sir... Havin' that 73 IQ is finally startin' to pay off... Momma'd be so proud!

:-) guess you'll have to come back tomorrow... to find out 'bout what I was gonna ramble on about today!

Yes Sir... Workamping can be an experience!

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Anonymous said...

way to go Brian! Hope it included a BIG RAISE!!!


Boxy said...

Brian, your havin way to much fun. UPDATE...Big red Dodge is ready to go and 5th wheel walkthrough was this morning. We pick it up Sat and leave for Az Mon morning. Stole a lot of ideas from you. Hope you don't mind. Keep the post's comin, I've learned a lot from your mistakes :-}

Paul said...

Wow! Haven't seen you send a post written like this in a LONG time. Donna's head is gonna hurt when I show her this one!! Glad you're having all that NASCAR fun!

Sharlotte said...

Mean way touch fun. Dang phone types what it wants and not what I want.

Sharlotte said...

I give up

Brian said...

Thanks Guys! It's fun having fun! :-) and not to worry Sharlotte... I have the same problem with the phone... so I usually know what ya mean. :)

Boxy; Awesome :) and use anything you can! Somebody should profit from my screw ups! :o)