Friday, February 18, 2011

Upstate New York Boondocking/Free Camp

I know from talking to folks that finding some free or low cost camps back East can be a real problem... stands to reason considering the lack of public lands and the heavy population...

So it was pretty interesting to me when I got the following message the other day in my email. Let's be honest here, they aren't making this offer without hoping for a payoff. But, it is a pretty nice way of trying to benefit their business ain't it? They offer you a Free Overnight Camp ... in an area of high cost nights... on the hope that at least some of the guests will take advantage of the services they have available...

... sounds like enlightened self interest and a fair trade to me!

Belleayre Mountain Ski Center just off Route 28 in the Catskill Mountains of upstate New York offers free overnight parking for RVs.  With miles of hiking trails through the Catskill Forest Preserve, bike trails, an interactive nature center, even a lake with a sand beach, Belleayre is an ideal place to stay.  Plan your trip right and you can enjoy top notch entertainment.  The Belleayre Music Conservatory offers up and coming artists and headliners from a wide variety of genres – jazz, pop, opera, and more – all in a gorgeous mountainside setting throughout the summer and fall.  No electric, water, or dumping but no fees, gorgeous views, and great music make Belleayre worth the visit.  10 minutes to Supermarket.  Half hour to town of Woodstock.

The latitude and longitude of Highmount, New York is: 42° 8' 39" N / 74° 29' 24" W

Don't know a thing 'bout these folks... but it sure seems like a decent deal...

I just figured I'd pass it on here... so if you're an Easterner wandering around your own neck of the woods... or a Westerner headin' back East this summer... you might want to mark this place down on your maps for future reference.

Just the Messenger :)

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Box Canyon Blogger said...

you can't beat free! When our RV Adventure took us east to New England a few falls ago we decided to park the Fiver in one spot and just car tour in the Subaru. The places we wanted to go involved narrow backroads and yes, the RV parks charge a fortune back east. We put the gas savings and RV park fees toward the motel bills and overall came out not much poorer for the decision... and a whole lot freer and lighter on our feet.
PS, Cowboy... Niece kelly is blogging again and you might want to take a peek and defend your right to bear arms (hee hee).

bounce and play said...

Various activities can be enjoyed on the camp.