Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bouse Camp... The Leaving

You hope to find camps like this... but the only problem is... The leaving... Funny how ya get attached to a place... a place that ain't even yours!

Wonder if "The Place" knew we were pullin' out today and wanted to put on one last show at sunset... This one was pretty fine no matter which direction you looked, but the softest and prettiest views were back over the mountains laying to the east...

*Sunset storm Clouds Over Bouse*
It was calm and quiet... the clouds were all sorts of shades from pink to grey, I just did a poor job of capturing the color... The air was fresh and clear from the rains... A cool breeze out of the south... a Cowboy just knew fresh grass and fresh calves were on the way...

*Clouds Bringing Fresh Grass to the Arizona Desert*
I kept wondering if this Desert just wanted to just tease and torment us for making this our last night in Bouse Camp... It was sure a pretty evening... almost brings a guy to spoutin' purty mush about the clouds caressing his soul... and the breezes touching his heart... and... damn... there goes my rep for sure!

*Last Sunset in Bouse Camp*
We have to leave in a little while to head for PIR... Staying here, in this area has not only been good for the spirit... it's been good for the budget... couldn' ask for a cheaper cost of living! :o) though... PIR will continue the minimal cost of living... while flowing some precious dinero into the coffers to boot...

Not sure where we'll go after the Races... actually talkin' of comin' right back here!

*Most Cowboys, Love the Rain*
 Farther out we want to spend a lil' time near the kids in Denver... 'fore we start moving North in earnest... Headed for Alaska II... so... comin' back out here, maybe slowly working north across the Desert, through a lot of March might be nice... if we decide that Zion in early April is the way we should go... our other option being... working our way up through New Mexico...

Neither option sounds too bad to me... though, Zion in April... kinda has a sweet ring to it... don't it?

Boondocked in the Desert Rain

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Future Troutbum said...

Very nice post, great pix! I was disappointed when I tried to click through on some of the pix - a big, fat warning screen comes up that says the site has been reported (Microsoft) as unsafe. I'm thinking it references the provider, somehow, and not your part of it. But, for your info below is the message that pops up.

Enjoy your continuing adventure and thank you a bunch for the insights, opinions, and photos.
Steven fm Monument

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We recommend that you do not continue to this website.
Go to my home page instead

This website has been reported to Microsoft for containing threats to your computer that might reveal personal or financial information.

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Gaelyn said...

It's always hard to say goodbye to a place that I called home, and gave me pleasure, for a while. So many more places there are to explore.

Zion in April sounds wonderful. I should be back at the North Rim by the end of that month.

Safe journey to the PIR, and back.

Brian said...

Steven... you clicked on a Google ad? I can't click those... had someone else check a few and couldn't find any that popped that warning message... assuming it was an ad... I expect Google will shut them down asap