Saturday, December 18, 2010

Me and that Guy Dreamin' of a White Christmas...

... need to have a lil' conversation... up close an' personal! That boy needs some learnin'!

It ain't all that great folks... Those of you that have been down on the desert the past few years may have forgot what it's like back up yonderways in the frozen North...

I think maybe those folks in Anthem... just north of Phoenix might could have the right idea...

* A snowy winter day in Anthem...
in the Arizona Desert! *
 Yup... have a couple trucks haul the snow in... watch the kids sled on it... while you stand around... On The Grass! in the 75 degree desert... and then... ride the Motorcycle home! THAT... is my idea of a Good Winter!

So... guess cuz I was gettin' forgetful... I'm now getting a lil' bit of a refresher course. :o)

Bein' up north with it 28 degrees on frozen, snow packed roads, and folks pushin' steel on it... that likely should have restrictions against drivin' on anything other than DRY pavement!

... and that on a Sunny day... with light traffic :o) is a refresher I could have done without...

* Fun and Snow on the Interstate of Northern New Mexico *
... If... I needed a reminder of one of the big reasons to winter on the desert... I done got it!

Yes sir... run a  couple hundred miles of this stuff... with dozens of cars, and trucks... and even semis... in the ditch on the door... upside down... bass ackwards... and every sort of way ... and oh yeah... I'm ready for ya'll to take me back to the desert where the only thing you can complain about is... "Damn! another... beautiful ... sunny... day!" :o)

Yup... I can't say I miss this stuff. I never been wha'cha might call a "winter" guy... chopping ice to water stock... and feeding at 15 below... just never excited me much. :o)

Any of you bettin' folks? Wanna bet what the weather is gonna be... long 'bout the 3rd of January? :o)

Know what? ... I think I'll wait to find out...

Sittin' in Denver... Dreamin' of Sunshine in the Desert! :o)

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Sharlotte said...

Hey Brian,
Be thankful, very thankful that you aren't one of those bass ackwartds in the ditch. Sure would hate for you and Heidi to have to go through the search for another tow vehicle. That is what scared the beejus out of us in Washington when we visited with Candi over Thanksgiving. Of course, being from Baton Rouge, LA, we have SO MUCH experience in driving in ice and snow. LOL
Hope you have a great visit with family and be safe where ever you travel. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Brian said...

Aw Sharlotte... I'm purty much bass ackwards all the time... just not in the ditch! :o)

What? you don't get snow on the gulf? ... hmmm... I'd guess that'd be easier to drive in than a Hurricane huh? :o)