Friday, September 24, 2010

Whack! Whack! Pow! Crunch! .... THWACK!!!

"I Tol' you... You ugly, carnivorous,  pin eared Monkey!... I'm Goin!"... Thump! Bang! Ka-POW!

That is the sound of the Beast gettin' thoroughly battered and clubbed around the head an' shoulders... The sucker won't let me go! ... But we're Goin' anyway!

Sheesh! 4 and nearly a half years later! and they're still tryin' to trip me up... Hope they're good at dealin' with frustration... 'cause... take me off the fire... I'm DONE!

Those accountants dinkin' 'round with stuff don't look like they're gonna have it buttoned up 'till next week! Well guess what?... Next Week... Don't work for this agitated, exasperated, itchy and completely provoked, Cowboy Philosophizin', RVin' Biker!

So... using a hammer, a K-bar... an' a short length of Iron Pipe... I started in to educatin' and whackin' on that malicious Ol' Beast last night... there'll be a few more hours of thumpin' an' Bumpin' this morning... and then, as I've said before...

... We're gonna just take what we got, and Go on and Go if we're Goin'!

'Course... This final lil' brawl seems to be leaving a few fresh marks and scrapes on my hide... but, it's kinda like a battered Ol' Ranch truck... hard to tell the new ones... from what's already been there for some lil' while! :o)

So... while the Official LEAVING... won't be 'till sometime early? this afternoon... ya'll can just go ahead an' color me GONE if'n you want to!

The next post you get will be from somewhere, not too far off... but somewhere that ain't here... and the people where we've been shall be seein' nuthin' but Taillights!

Just Shortly Before THE LEAVING!
On The Road Again!

1 comment:

Myrddin said...

Way to go!!! You can wait and wait for those clowns or you can just "get out of Dodge".

We finally did the same thing with the realtors and told them to just ship us the papers when they got done scr****g around.

Safe Travels,