Friday, July 23, 2010

Readying the Bike and My Gear for the Long Ride

Just a quick not this morning... as I run 'round in what we used to call "Ruck Time".... when we'd prepare our gear to go out... this time... on a Big Red Raider Motorcycle! HooYa!

... and of course, as is my custom... I needed some more agitation to season the mix... I'm trying to get "Lil' Roadie" the mini laptop ready too... putting in all sorts of passwords, virus protection... hooked up to the accounts I'll need to keep up on... yadda yadda yadda...

...and can I remember those critical passwords?... that I have the 'puter remember for me?... or 'member where'n hell I wrote 'em down? Nahhhh! :o) so... I've been scramblin' since last night doin' "password recovery" operations with a few outfits.

Now... Just so ever'body knows... I'll be doin' the majority of my posts, about this coming Motorcycle Trip... over on my Motorcycle Blog... Kinda makes sense... don't it? :o)

I plan on doing some posts here as well... when I see something that's pretty much focused on RVing and RV boondocking... but the Ride will be on my Bike site!

***just a lil' sidebar here... the ebooks have been selling! Not barn burner deal... but moving, so that's sweet! :o) ... one thing I'd appreciate... if you have downloaded one or more... a little mercenary plug here :o)  if ya'll could go back sometime, and do a lil' review, I'd be as grateful as an Ol' Buster could be!

But now... If I'm to leave a day late on Sunday... I better get my butt movin'!

Wandering the Great and Glorious West

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Rex Kusler said...

Brian, I just noticed that you are the #7 most viewed author on Smashwords out of all those tens of thousands of writers. If you ever decide to put your books up on Amazon Kindle, all you have to do is save your Smashwords file as a web page document(html)and upload it.

By the way, if anyone wants a free download of either or both of my books on Smashwords, I have a special going through the end of July. Just enter these codes at checkout:

Punctured: LB99N
Angela: HA53G

Sharlotte said...

Well Brian, the time has finally gotten close. I know there were many days last year that you weren't even sure if you were gonna make it through the day let alone all the way to Alaska. The Big Boss is GREAT isn't he??
My prayers will go up to him for you to have a wonderful, soul filling, safe trip. Will be checking daily to keep up with you. Enjoy the scenery but remember, my friend, keep it between the ditches.

Brian said...

Many Thanks Rex and Sharlotte.

Rex... I intend to get it on Amazon... I have some "Format" editing to do I guess to get into the "Premium" Catalog... Likely won't get that done until I return from this ride...

Hopefully, all those "Views" will get translated into sales :o) ... have sold a few though... pretty cool

Cindy K said...

Got the Milepost packed? Best thing you will ever use for traveling Alaska.