Friday, April 23, 2010

Well... I guess there'll be plenty of flowers in May!

Don't know how much rain we've gotten... but... every little bit there's a pair of elephants... a couple of giraffes, two orangutans, a pair of doves, and a brace of reeeeeeallly slow turtles... tryin' to get on board!

... and we ain't, parked in a 'developed' spot... it's a bit of ground off the end of their garage, out on the Colorado Plains... not a graded, surfaced drive of some sort... point bein'... it is... soooooooft!

Looked out the window this morning... and I can see juuuust a mite of the red roof of lil' red... stickin' out of the mud... Yeah... it's wet 'round here...

Picked up the seat and the back rest from the Motorcycle seat shop yesterday afternoon... and the work they did looks really good... but haven't put 'em on the bike yet... It's sitting out in the rain, safe under its' cover... waitin' for weather that's just a lil' better to try 'em out in. :o)

I may be a bit too hard core for some folks... what with ridin' that two wheeler all winter long... but I ain't totally stupid! :o)

Hell... I don't believe I could even get that asphalt munchin' monster to the pavement from here! She likes to run... and ain't no road that'll whup her... but... that two or three miles of dirt between here and the pavement.. would not be called a 'road' by much of anyone... today! :o)

So... I'm gonna suck down a couple gallons of that Dark Sumatra Coffee I bought at Trade Joe's in February... and spend the day, punchin' buttons on this Ol' Laptop!

Take Good Care

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