Saturday, April 24, 2010

Flowers in May?...Sure... Unless those Purties Drown First!

'Tween the rain... and the wind... I'm as weary of spring as I was of winter...

Curse me for a grinch... but I'm startin' to pray for a drought! ... Work to do, that won't get done, until the weather cooperates.

The rig is shimmyin' like a Las Vegas showgirl from the forty mile an hour breeze... and you sink nigh to your ankles when you step outside... then, last night, they posted a flood warning that runs through Sunday... Lovely spring weather...

grump, grump, grump... Ya gotta go with what you're good at... right? :o)

Guess I'll just keep lowerin' the level in the coffee can... and see if I can get some 'puter work done... while hopin' for a lil' more sun... fillin' up more of a day.

Take Good Care

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