Thursday, April 8, 2010

That "New" Cummins needs a bit of work... and Other RV Ramblings...

With getting ready to do some long, wide circles, starting this spring/summer... We've set up our fixed/Mailing address as our store so we can get any paper mail forwarded easily from there... and there's only one problem with that...

Heidi's Bead Store  is in a different county than we've lived in for the past 7+ years. What comes into play there is emissions. Since our address is gonna be in Larimer county... the vehicles are gonna have to be licensed over there too... and Larimer has those emissions to do... least-ways, the last I heard... maybe I should check up on that? :o)

Now... overheating is Not a problem with this, new to us, '99 cummins... just 'tother way 'round. That sucker runs kinda cool! My bet is the thermostat is pretty much stuck open... which ain't doin' it any good, and would likely give a poor if not bad emissions reading... So today I'm plannin' on trackin' down a fresh thermostat and gettin' the truck ready to try and get an inspection sometime either tomorrow... or first of the week...

I've also, got to get some other chores done on the truck makin' it ready for our Yondering... my only issue with doin' that is my increasingly 'squeeky' ways... I seem to be draggin' my feet on such things, 'till I'm tee total sure that I have to do it...

Hmmm... sure hope I don't go and get all OCD on such doin's! :o)

Most of 'em are the same sorts of jobs I did on the previous pair of Cummins Trucks. Tool/Storage boxes... Hitch work, auxilliary fuel tank, and on this rig... I'm really wanting to put in something in the vicinity of a 50 gal fresh water tank... and a 50 gallon NOT fresh water tank. :o)

We're really planning to spend a lot of our time, brushed up in the not so close to town back country... at least as 'Back Country' as I can drag a 30 foot fiver with two fine motorcycles attached!

What I don't want is to have to hitch up and pull the rig down to any sort of a dump station. Now that I've finally got off the dime and added the macerator pump... I'd have the ability to pump the black water up into an onboard transport tank... to haul to a dump station... then load fresh water to recharge our tank back at the rig... 'thout ever having to turn a tire on the fifth wheel...

... that'll allow, easily, two week camps... and longer... :o) ... if I can't tell time very well :o)

Our budget got a kick in the pants the last couple of weeks... a good thing!  The hours they're usin' me at the hardware store got pumped back up to what I'd been doin'. I'd already carved out what I'd thought would be a workable budget on the dinero flowing from the reduced hours... so... getting that replaced should let us do some of the 'financial house', rebuilding work, a lil' bit quicker... Suh-Wheet!

Put that alongside our eliminating that danged Ol' Mortgage... and it's like we done got ourselves a great big pay raise!...then  put the icing of a... don't-owe-a-dime-on-it truck and that Gorgeous Red Raider Motorcycle (also Free and Clear) into the mix, and 2010 just keeps shining brighter all the dang time!

Oh yeah people! I'll say it again... Hang tough... Take it slow and careful... do the right things (for you)... and you are gonna get where you've been reachin' for... For Sure and For Certain! Just keep the faith... If we can get through the tough times... to the sunny slopes on the other side... So Can You! I Vow!

Take Good Care

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Brian, good to hear everything working for you, about time, huh.

As to the spare tanks, the guys over at
hitchitch, have a write up on extra tanks, might work for you, or at least give you some different idea's.