Friday, April 9, 2010

Building the RV "Community"

Those that build websites will tell you it's a mistake to send folks someplace else... as in; to other websites. To some degree, that might be true... I look at it from a lil' different place though.

It's my calculation that if I can strengthen the world around me... I'm in a better place... right? How's that for some "Liberal Thinking" ... from a dang near anarchist, leave-me-the-hell-alone Cowboy Biker? :o) To me... it's a 'putting my money where my mouth is', do the right thing, enlightened self interest, Deal.

Maybe... pointin' out the folks I run across, with some hard won wisdom to share, will be remembered down the road... and you'll come back to look around here some more... once in a while.

The worlds that hold most of my attention these days, and that I have the greatest desire to strengthen, are the worlds of RV Travelers and Motorcycle Touring.

Every once in a while I run across somebody else that I think... is "Doin' it Right"... and I got lucky just the other day... I followed one of those "Follower" links over there on the side... and found a blog written by a young Canadian Gal by the name of Rae Crothers.

One of my ambitions with my writing here, has been to get younger folks to see that there just might be a Better Way... and I think, this Gal... is a long way down the road of finding that Better way for her.

Just about anybody can learn from this Gal... and especially all you Single Gals Yondering on the RV Road!

How many Gals out there, wish they could 'take off' and go to yondering?... but don't... 'cause ever'body 'round 'em... Dumps on their Dreams? Ever'body tells 'em; "You can't go by yourself. It's not safe!" or worse; "You're just a girl... You can't do it alone!"

What a bunch of Hooey! How I wish I could grab a good solid hold on those "ever'bodys"... and shake some sense into 'em! How are you any less safe... drivin' down the road... in your rig... than you are... drivin' down the road... in your car... at 'Home'? ... Man or Woman?

This ain't 'bout safety for those spoutin' naysayers either... it's about Their inability to summon the courage to follow Their hearts... So to hide that... they've got to stop those that do. Don't listen to 'em!

...Just 'cause you blockers and wasters ain't got Dreams and ambitions of your own, or the guts to chase 'em... that's YOUR difficulty! Don't go trashin' what somebody else aches for... just 'cause YOU ain't got the spleen to see it through! and all you single Gals... don't listen to those naysayin' busybodies!

YOU can do it! What you want DOES make sense... and YOU Aren't the first to think so!

 Froggi ain't been alone out there!... Uh... or I guess I should say wasn't... since she ain't 'single' any more! :o)

So... Check out Rae's blog... She's got her head screwed on straight anyhoo! and the guts to make it happen! She's a Gal, along with Froggi...  to show you other Gals, a fine way to roll!... and you can get it all from the perspective of a Lady... not just some goofy Ol' crusty, pussgut, biker cowboy! :o)

She'll show you, for once and for all... that them folks, that are blockin' your road were wrong... are wrong... and will always BE wrong... and standin' behind as you drive away... wishin' down deep... (even if they'll never admit it)... that They Had Your Guts!

Take Good Care

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Trent and Teresa said...

Hi Brian

I just had to comment on your blog today. I have been following your blog since your earliest days. We are getting ready to "bust loose" as well, and will be on a pretty thin budget. However, we will treasure our freedom, more than material possessions.

So....why am I coming out of the woodwork now, you ask ?? Because today you mentioned Rae's blog, who I have also been a loyal fan of.....and you also mentioned Froggi Donna.

Well, guess what ?? My wife and I are from Regina, Saskatchewan, and have been reading Donna's Blogs from the beginning as well. When she decided to sell her rig last year, aka "The Lily Pad", we jumped at the opportunity. Donna had just outfitted her rig with 4 solar panels, and 6 AGM batteries. We have lots of power !!

Donna was even sweet enough to leave us with the Olympian Heater, fans, pots, pans, bedding, and outside hoses and equipment..... all we needed to do was fly down to Colorado Springs, stop by a grocery store, and begin the fun !!

Oh, oh, this is getting a little long..ha ha.
Anyway, just wanted to give you a big hello, and let you know that we are cheering for you and yours, BIG TIME !!

Thanks, and take care,
Sincerely, Trent and Teresa

Rae said...

This is Rae. I was sent here by Les of RVer's Corner ( and I'd like to thank you for this post; it means a lot to me to see that others get what it is I'm doing. I believe that there is a better way to live than that way we have all been brainwashed into thinking is best; that so-called 'American Dream' of the house and the career and the kids and the dog and the winters in Florida... If that's what you truly want, great, go for it. But if you yearn to travel or to paint or whatever, then there's no reason why you can't do it if that's what you really *want*. Life is just too short to spend it dreaming instead of living.

Brian said...

:o) YES Ma'am!... See? I Told you she had her 'stuff' together! :o)

Merikay said...

I admire Rae in so many ways! I am an older woman, but somedays reading her blog has given me the incentive to be just a little stronger and examine my life and my dream.

I am not "free." But then I am not in chains either and I am beginning to be a little stronger every day.

Will Imanse said...

I am Will and I write the fulltimervblog dot com. I just had to comment on your post about Rae. I have gotten to know Rae personally, and she lives like I do. I really like your take on her lifestyle.
My line is that I do not want to get to the end of my life only to realize I have lived someone else's version of it.

KarenInTheWoods said...

Thanks for the link to Rae's blog! I just read a few of her posts and now decided to subscribe to it and be a Follower.

Karen and Steve

KarenInTheWoods said...

Oops I meant to leave that on the Anyone Can RV blog where he mentioned YOUR blog....

anyhow. we are here now! LOL

Karen and Steve