Sunday, March 7, 2010

We've made some more Progress :o)

The other night, coming back from looking at some trucks and parks... we stopped at Lowes and ordered a pair of Mini Blinds for up in the Bedroom.

Our RV Remodel has gotten "adjusted" some, by economic necessity! :o)... I'm sure juuuuuust a few of ya'll know 'bout that!...

It'd be nice to just be able to take off doin' a major RV rebuild and write the checks without thinkin' on it, as you get to that part... and in the past Heidi and I have known times like that... but this time ain't one of those! :o) So... we'll keep on makin' the upgrades, a lil' bit at a time, as the dinero comes available.

So... we ordered a pair of the double cellular style in the "Up and Down" configuration. That means you can drop the top down or pull the whole dang thing UP... I'm thinking, with the opaque fabric it'd be nice to be able to drop the top a few inches to let in light... yet maintain some privacy... just in case you spend some time in a busy park... and find yourself involved in a lil' afternoon delight!

... uh... just make sure you got the rig solidly stabilized... otherwise your neighbors are gonna be rollin' their eyes and shakin' their heads the next time you walk the dogs! :o)

I'll put a page in the Remodel section, as soon as they're in... 'course, I gotta get that replacement RV window ordered this week... DOH!... why do I keep procrastinatin' on that ?

Saturday Morning we jumped in Lil' Red and made another run up into the mountains... to bring home the "New" cummins... and introduce him to the rest of the "Outfit"...

It's battle worn... and not NEW... but it has some good attributes...

It's a Ranch Rig looking Dodge Cummins truck... which suits me... it's structure, near as I and my son-in-law can tell, is solid... and having had several conversations with the fella I bought the truck from... I do believe I found an honest man to deal with... I've always been equipped with a pretty good character judgment / BS detector... and all it told me this time was... "No Worries Mate!"

He needs tires and a few other "Considerations" but otherwise, I think it's a good rig... and also, considering it was 'bout 1/2 the price of most of the other trucks we looked at this week... and they had maybe 30,000 more miles... and the bank don't own not a single Bolt on this truck... I'm happy :o)

It was nice havin' Ol' Big Red... He was a flashy and fancy rig... but you know what?... not havin' the burden of that heavy debt feels pretty good... and just maybe... I'm not really made for flashy and fancy... Just maybe a "Ranch Rig" is more my speed...

... well... at least until you start talkin' Motorcycles! :o) ... right then, Flashy an' Fancy starts suitin' me to a T... with a capital F! :o)

Take Good Care

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Box Canyon Blogger said...

He's a real beaut... I mean beast.
Another item crossed off the list... inching closer to yondering.

Freely Living Life said...

Yay! Congratulations on finding the horse to pull your wagon. :)

Brian said...

:o) ... Yeah... but... I gotta keep backin' up against walls and lookin' 'round for the obviously approaching ambush!... I'm not used to things just slidin' along so smooth...

... makes me nervous! :o)

Chris said...

Nice looking truck.. Glad you got something you liked.

Don said...

Glad you found a truck you like; hope it's as great as you expect. Those Cummins engines are certainly something special.

BTW, don't worry about having the rig bouncing around because of "afternoon delight" - everyone will just be a bit envious. ;)

Anonymous said...

I like the truck. It suits your cowboy image well. Looks like it will last a long long time too.


Snackmaster and Jan said...

Nice lookin truck! A good addition to the family:) Good luck!